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Bitcoin binge-watching? These are the 5 best crypto movies and docs

Of course Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are very interesting as investments, but there is more. For example, behind cryptos is a world of technology. There are also more and more new inventions and numerous influential influencers. Inspiration enough for makers of films and documentaries to make beautiful productions. Therefore, we share five crypto films and documentaries that are definitely worth watching.

The great thing is that you don’t have to search. Your friends from Want will just help you with this list. You’ll find them on streaming services like Netflix and Videoland, among others.

Crypto on Netflix and other streaming services

In the list you will find different genres. Do you prefer to choose true stories, or just an informative docu? There is something for everyone.

# True story crypto-crime: Trust No One: The hunt for the crypto king

This documentary follows the duped investors of crypto exchange QuadrigaCX in their search for the truth. Is the story true that only the owner had access to the fortune? Did he indeed pass away unexpectedly making the money forever inaccessible? The aggrieved are on the hunt for answers.

#2 How does the Bitcoin world work? Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the future of the internet

Documentary filmmaker Torsten Hoffmann dives into the deep end and explores the world of blockchains and crypto currencies. He goes in search of key figures, backgrounds and conflicts for an exciting insight into the good and bad aspects of the crypto market.

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#3 Is money going to disappear? Bitcoin: the end of money as we know it

Cryptopia was not the first project for which Torsten Hoffmann immersed himself in the world of Bitcoin and crypto. He also made the documentary Bitcoin: The end of money as we know it. In it, he talks to well-known influencers such as Roger Ver and Andreas Antonopoulos about the extent to which Bitcoin and crypto will replace traditional money.

#4 Relaxing with Crypto: Start-up

In this series, which runs for three seasons, dive into the world of Izzy. She works in Miami on GenCoin, the newest crypto currency. Because she forms a remarkable team with banker Nick and gangster Ronald, they soon get hackers, bad investors and the FBI after them. The lead actors in this exciting crime series are Adam Brody, Martin Freeman and Edi Gathegi.

The series is currently available on Videoland.

#5 Dutch crypto pioneers talking: Cryptocurrency

You can also watch the last of these 5 bingewatch tips on Videoland right now. In the Dutch documentary Cryptokoorts, the creators take you into the world of Bitcoin and crypto on the basis of Dutch players in the crypto market. The documentary is fairly hidden. Videoland has therefore not made a trailer available. Fortunately, there is always a review to be found on YouTube, as is the case for this documentary.

Of course we wish you a lot of viewing pleasure. If in between you feel like seeing a bit more of the world of investing in Bitcoin and crypto yourself, you can of course always go for the prizes in the free paper trading competition from our colleagues at Virtual Investing.com.

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