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Bitcoin lunch: price BTC and crypto drops. Bulls – results – odds

Again this Monday, in the Bitcoin (BTC) lunch, we naturally look at the live Bitcoin (BTC) price and the current prices of the top 25 crypto. Then we look at the results of the past week and month. Once we know those we look ahead. Is the BTC back in a bullish trend? We also look at the crypto forecast for the coming week and explain how you can win immediately.

We start, of course, with the live Bitcoin (BTC) price and the prices of the top 25 crypto.

Live bitcoin (BTC) price and prices top 25 crypto drop

At the time of writing, the live Bitcoin (BTC) price is quoting EUR 222,806.51 ($23,312.97). This is 1.78% lower than yesterday around this time and 2.88% lower than during our Bitcoin lunch last Friday.

The live prices of many other top 25 crypto are also falling. The biggest loss is currently at -7.95% for Ethereum Classic (ETC). Yet, there are also some crypto that are recording gains. The biggest erase is currently at +5.35% for Polkadot (DOT). Despite this, the crypto market can look back on the best month of 2022.

Results Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto on the rise again

Over the past week, almost all crypto stocks in the top 25 recorded positive results. The biggest exception was Leo Token (LEO) with a loss of 2.68%. Ethereum Classic (ETC) posted the largest gain with +41.96%. Bitcoin (BTC) recorded a result of + 2.56%.

As mentioned above, in terms of returns for the crypto market, last month was the best month of 2022 so far. Bitcoin (BTC) posted a gain of 19.51%. With that, the coin was far from being the best performing crypto currency. This honor was with + 148.74% for Ethereum Classic (ETC). There were also some losses to note. Leo Token (LEO) took the biggest hit with -12.27%.

On the site of you can analyze all results and all live crypto prices 24 hours a day.

BTC analysts are bullish after good results

Good results have made analysts particularly bullish. In particular, the fact that Bitcoin (BTC) managed to stay above its 100- and 200-week moving averages makes analysts very optimistic.

Bloomberg strategist Mike McGlone is one of these positivists. He expects a bull run in the second half of the year. If we look at the prices, we see a so-called “Bart Simpson pattern” forming and this is an indication of a strong price rise. The second indication is the fact that Bitcoin (BTC) is currently undervalued. This puts the largest crypto currency in a consolidation phase in the so-called green zone and this too is an indication for further price appreciation.

This is what is expected from the Bitcoin (BTC) price in August

Whether we can already take into account huge price increases in August is the question. Analyses by Santiment show that things could go either way in this month.

We also see this when we expect the analysts of other experts. Where some take into account a price rise to $48,000.00 in 2 weeks others are less optimistic for spot trading.

Here’s the Bitcoin (BTC) price forecast for the coming week

The market appears to be somewhat wait-and-see for the week ahead. In our analysis on Friday, we indicated that the bull rally could continue if the resistances at and above $24,000 were broken. This is not (yet) the case, indeed, they have not yet been tested. We also see that the Fear&Greed index is shooting back into fear mode.

It is therefore expected that within Friday’s analysis we will see mainly a consolidating pattern.

Will you win with this BTC lunch?

So, as we can see, it can go either way and that is a great opportunity to join the paper trading competitions for stocks and investments for August. The winners of July are now known. In addition to eternal glory, they won the following prizes:

The winner of the crypto paper trading competition, ‘bicycle bell’ won a Cryptohopper Hero hopper subscription twv $ 99,-. ‘Kcirtap’ was the winner of the stocks paper trading competition and won EUR 50. Number 2 ‘CeP’ won EUR 35,-.

Thanks to Cryptohopper and Bitvavo we can again give away nice prizes and cash amounts for the winners of the August paper trading competition for the numbers 1 to 3 of each competition. Do you want to have a chance to win these prizes? Then you can register here for free!

Investing, but not (only) in crypto?

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Want to stay informed about the latest price developments?

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