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Bitcoin to Binance Coin: the 10 most popular crypto for the holidays

The world of Crypto is one that you need to take your time with. When you first get acquainted with it, it can quickly become very much. Logical, because there are so many digital coins that you can invest in. From Bitcoin to the Binance Coin: they are also ready for you during the holidays.

The only question is which one you should have. That’s why we also look at the most popular crypto coins during the holidays. We look at the market capitalization as well as their value.

Crypto: the 10 most popular for the holidays

It doesn’t matter whether you’re usually involved or just starting out: during the holidays it is again possible to invest in numerous crypto currencies. You can, of course, put your money in immediately, but you can also first calmly ask yourself what exactly you are doing right. Will you go for the standard successes or will you take the small chances with more risk?

Don’t get me wrong: you always run risks and you can never be 100% sure. However, there are of course coins, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, where the risk is simply a little lower. The game will not change completely, so don’t empty your account immediately. But it is a bit safer.

Bitcoin crypto cryptocoins cryptocurrencyCrypto (Image: Pexels / Karolina Grabowska)

So what exactly are these certainties? I list the ten most popular ones for the holidays:

Bitcoin | BTC
Ethereum | ETH
Binance Coin | BNB
Tether | USDT
Solana | SOL
Cardano | ADA
U.S. Dollar Coin | USDC
Polka Dot | DOT
Dogecoin | DOGE

More Bitcoin, Binance Coin or Crypto?

Bitcoin, Dogecoi, Shiba Inu and Polkadot: these are all crypto currencies that you should keep an eye on. You can do that in many places, but I would recommend that you look for it nice and close to home. We have our Robert in house. He keeps you updated daily with a Bitcoin update and a Crypto lunch to show you all the in’s and out’s of the market.

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