Bitcoin update price BTC flat crypto rising to worst case

Bitcoin update: Price Bitcoin and crypto skyrockets. The rally or beware?

Meanwhile, the US markets have closed again. We look at the live Bitcoin price and the prices of the top 25 crypto. There we see substantial price increases so we ask ourselves: Is this the beginning of the rally or does caution still prevail?

We start, of course, with the live Bitcoin price and the prices of the top 25 crypto.

Live Bitcoin price rising fast, also rally for prices top 25 crypto

At the time of writing, the live Bitcoin price is EUR 35,351.25 ($40,515.15). This is exactly 10% higher than when the US markets closed last night.

The prices of the top 25 are also rising at lightning speed. Except for the stable coins we see only green numbers. The crypto with the most profits is currently Near (NEAR), which is rising 17.24% in 24 hours. On the site of you can follow the live crypto prices 24 hours a day, including the entire weekend.

Why are Bitcoin and crypto rising in price so fast?

The rise of Bitcoin and other crypto can be explained by the announcement of above expected good unemployment figures in America. Where 150,000 new jobs were expected, 467,000 jobs were added in January. It is now expected that the Fed will use this rapid growth to accelerate the reduction of support measures for the economy. This would create uncertainty in the market and make Bitcoin a good alternative again. At least, that’s what some of the investors say.

Do we see here the Bitcoin price rally that is going to cause records?

Earlier this week, we saw that a close above $38,700 could once again be considered a long-term bull rally, and this is now the case. Actually, there has been little fear that the recent price falls would break the long-term bullish trend. The question is what this looks like in the short term.

Various analyses indicate that there is still room for growth in the very near term. However, the question is whether this is up to $45,000 or up to $60,000. This is because, if we follow the Elloitt Wave analysis, there is still too little evidence to determine which wave pattern we are currently seeing. If we see a 3-wave pattern a growth to $60,000.00 may follow, with a 5-wave pattern we see a smaller further rise (to a maximum of about $45,000.00) before a strong final decline towards $30,000.00 follows. The Elliott Wave Analysis can be complicated, this explanation may help you further on your way.

Still, there is reason to remain cautious about the BTC price

It is tempting for many people who see price appreciation to buy “the dip” now and purchase lots of Bitcoin again. However, the question is whether we are seeing a dip at all. For example, there is uncertainty about the new crypto regulations in America, interest rates in America may be raised by March, and Bitcoin futures contracts expire by the end of April. There may also be another substantial surge in supply due to the MT. Gox crypto. Nasdaq has inquired with several experts and they say it is not yet the time to buy the dip.

Open leverage ratio underscores warning and offers opportunities

Currently, when we look at the leverage of the futures market, we see that investors are taking a lot of risk. In the past, this proved to be a harbinger for steep price declines. This is then caused by people who take a lot of risk losing their collateral fairly quickly. When that happens, the well-known crypto snowball comes back into action and there can be substantial price drops (and cold feet from investors who lost a lot). So you have to be careful.

Yet this situation also offers opportunities. For example, it is of course possible to take preventive measures to continue trading in an uncertain market. It is also possible to speculate on the leverage ratio itself with advanced trading opportunities. In that case, there are specialized crypto exchanges like Huobi (which you can get acquainted with here) that offer interesting solutions for this purpose. In any case, there is enough going on to follow Bitcoin and crypto prices this weekend as well.

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