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Crypto lunch: Bitcoin and crypto price rises, FED, research and ETH update

Also today around lunch we look at the live Bitcoin price and the prices of the top 25 crypto. These are rising hard, so we look at why. We also look at what to expect from the Fed interest rate decision, later today. Finally, we see how Ethereum (ETH) passes an important test and what young investors prefer to invest in.

We start with the live Bitcoin price and the prices of the top 25 crypto.

Live Bitcoin price and prices top 25 crypto rise

At the time of writing, the live Bitcoin price is quoting EUR 36,797.31 ($40,498.98). This is 4.75% higher than during our crypto lunch yesterday.

Among the top 25 crypto, we also see rapidly rising prices. There are still some red numbers, but besides the stable coins, Terra (LUNA) with -1.69% is the exception that confirms the rule. Furthermore, we see green prices on the digital price board. With +7.58% ChainLink (LINK) is rising the fastest. On you can of course analyze all live crypto prices 24 hours a day.

Bitcoin price shoots through resistance, room for crypto growth

This morning the Bitcoin price shot up quickly. The psychological and technical resistance at $40,000 was broken. The price even seemed to be on its way to breaking further resistance, but the trading volume did not (yet) prove strong enough for that.

A short rejection followed, after which another recovery occurred. At this moment the price seems to be heading for the next resistance at $ 42,330. Whether that will be broken through we will probably see later this afternoon.

This is what people expect from the FED interest rate decision for crypto

Indeed, later today, at 7 pm Dutch time, the FED will give its interest rate decision. The expectation is a slight increase in interest rates, but this is uncertain due to the recent developments in the Ukraine. A low increase could lead to rising prices, but one also expects an outlook from the Fed to avoid a bullish explosion in stocks and other investments.

Based purely on technical analysis, a bearish correction in Bitcoin is likely in the near term, but the Fed could provide more positive sentiment if policies are restrained.

Good crypto news for Ethereum (ETH), The Merge has succeeded!

As investors in Ethereum (ETH) know, the developers are moving from Proof-of-Work validation to Proof-of-Stake validation of blockchain transactions. This should provide much lower transaction costs, is better for the environment and has more benefits. Therefore, investors see a successful switch as a bullish signal for the ETH price.

To make the switch possible, a lot of work is needed. One of the most important things is to modify the technology so that the Eth2 Beacon Chain (for Proof-of-Stake) can merge with the current mainnet. For this, a major test was planned, appropriately called “The Merge. It was announced that this test was successful. This means that the upgrade can be transferred to the test network and that the transition is one step closer.

Investors can evidently appreciate this, as the live Ethereum (ETH) price at $2,678.37 is 5.19% higher than yesterday.

Research: this is how much Generation Z invests and this is what they buy

The youngest generation to invest is Generation Z. These are the young professionals under the age of 25. Since youth are the future, it is important to know what they are investing in and how much.

English research shows that the (English) youth between 16 and 25 spend less on social activities, but increasingly choose financial security. To this end, some 47% of those surveyed invest up to GBP 200 per month. 80% say they invest at least something.

The next question, of course, is what they then buy. Some 38% invest in crypto, but there is also a trend where they diversify more. In doing so, some 69% are opting for a second investment stream in metals, such as gold. You can read the results from the survey here.

Of course, we are closely following the events following the upcoming FED announcement and will report on it at the close of the US market.

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