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Earn free Crypto? With these five tips, you should succeed!

Every crypto investor naturally wants to get his or her crypto coins as cheaply as possible. Cheaper than free doesn’t exist, so in this article we give you 5 ways to earn crypto for free.

Before we share with the our top 5 for free crypto we of course draw your attention to the live Bitcoin (BTC) price and the prices of the top 25 crypto. On the site of you can analyze the live crypto prices 24 hours a day and thus also throughout the weekend. Of course, in this overview you can also find out directly how much your free crypto is worth. This is our top 5 ways to earn free crypto:

1. Free crypto with the Brave browser and Brave rewards

The Brave Browser is a browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. While you are browsing with the Brave Browser you can receive Brave Rewards, or Brave rewards.

This is extremely simple. First you download and install Brave Browser. This browser removes all kinds of ads and trackers by default. If you then allow the browser to show Brave private ads instead of normal ads you will get free Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) for showing the ads.

brave browser Android appBrave Privacy Browser (Image: Play Store)

2. New search engine also provides free crypto

Next to the browser, the search engine is perhaps the most used internet tool. If you want to swap your default search engine (usually Google in the Netherlands) for the Presearch search engine you are using a search engine that takes your privacy into account and also runs on the blockchain. Moreover, if you create an account, you can earn free Presearch (PRE) tokens.

You can then redeem these at crypto exchanges for other crypto or fiat money. You can find Presearch here. The easy part is that you can connect this search engine to the most common browsers via browser extensions. You can read more about this on this page.

3. Cozy up to talk about crypto market and cash out immediately

Anyone active in crypto knows that there are countless communication channels for the crypto community to discuss with each other. The platform LunarCrush goes one step further. They reward you with free Lunr crypto based on your interactions on the platform. For example, you can earn Lunr by sharing opinions and analysis or entering contests. Then, you can earn additional returns by staking Lunr.

4. Enjoy the internet and earn free crypto

If you like to surf the internet and try all kinds of new things, Freecash is definitely for you. Through this website you can earn free crypto by participating in surveys and/or testing websites and/or apps. For each offer, the amount you can earn by doing the research or testing is listed. The largest reward at the time of writing is $ 44.13 in crypto.

Bitcoin crypto cryptocoins cryptocurrencyBitcoin (Image: Pexels / Alesia Kozik)

5. Do you use Coinmarketcap? Then earn some extra free crypto right away

On the well-known site you can find all kinds of information about crypto coins and the crypto market. In addition, they also have a ‘learn and earn’ section. Here you can earn crypto for free by going through short tutorials about various crypto currencies. This way you will increase your knowledge and earn something as well. You can find learn and earn here.

Bonus tip: earn free prizes with paper trading

Another way to win free money and nice prizes is to play along in paper trading competitions or virtual investing competitions. Earlier we explained to you what virtual investing exactly means and why you won’t run any financial risks. In the same article we also explained how you can earn prizes and cash money with virtual trading competitions.

At our colleagues at you can now play along in the crypto and stock paper trading competitions for the month of August. Partly thanks to Cryptohopper and Bitvavo, the prize pool for this month has a value of over EUR 300. You can easily register for free here and then choose which competition(s) you want to participate in under portfolios.

Good luck with earning!

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