Life threatening Google Chrome extension is nightmare for your crypto

Life-threatening Google Chrome extension is nightmare for your crypto

Recently, cybersecurity experts have discovered a new form of malware aimed at stealing crypto wallets. This malware, called Rilide, poses as a legitimate extension for browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox, which then allows it to access crypto wallets.

Rilide uses “forged dialogs” to trick users into handing over their multi-factor authentication keys, after which the malware is able to steal crypto in the background. It is therefore critical for both companies and individuals to protect themselves from this type of malware aimed at stealing crypto.

Google Chrome extension nightmare for crypto

When users install Rilide as an extension in browsers such as Google Chrome, the malware can monitor the user’s browsing behavior, take screenshots and inject malicious scripts that provide access to crypto exchanges.

Once the malware detects that the user has an account with a crypto exchange, it will attempt to submit a recording request in the background while presenting the user with a fake authentication dialog box to obtain the 2FA code.

One of the biggest risks of the Rilide malware is that it can trick users into responding to legitimate emails without realizing that the emails are actually from malicious sources. Therefore, it is vital to remember that not all information related to crypto is safe, even if it looks legitimate.

Trusted sources are a must

To protect against Rilide and other malware aimed at stealing crypto, it is essential to only download extensions from trusted sources and not open attachments and links in suspicious emails without checking them first.

Google Chrome on laptopChrome (Image: Firmbee / Unsplash)

It is also important to use antivirus software and perform regular software updates to detect known and new malware and keep Google Chrome and other browsers up-to-date to plug security holes and minimize vulnerabilities.

The discovery of the Rilide malware highlights the importance of cybersecurity in today’s digital world, especially with regard to protecting crypto. Both companies and individuals need to be aware of the increasing threats out there and take appropriate measures to protect themselves from malware aimed at stealing crypto.

By staying abreast of new threats and implementing the best security measures, companies and individuals can protect themselves from the ever-growing threat of malicious malware such as Rilide and other cyber attacks aimed at stealing crypto.

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