Mining bitcoin with your Tesla is very easy and earns surprisingly well

A Tesla is not a good cheap car. Fortunately, it pays for itself, and we’re not talking about the fuel costs you save. A Tesla can literally start saving you a few hundred dollars a month. How? By using this electric car to mine Bitcoin.

So proves Bitcoin-miner and YouTuber Siraj Raval. He is the man who found this unique and surprisingly simple way to mine crypto. This earned him invitations from CNBC and Fox News, among others. Here he proudly explained how he manages to mine not only Bitcoin, but also Ethereum and other crypto using a Tesla Model 3.

Use your Tesla to mine Bitcoin

Mining Bitcoin with your Tesla is next Siraj Raval not only very convenient, but also surprisingly easy. You need two things for this: an M1 MacBook and, of course, a Tesla Model 3. Using the cigarette lighter, you connect the Apple laptop to Elon Musk’s electric car.

Siraj Raval (Image: YouTube / Siraj Raval)

The MacBook then automatically connects to your Tesla’s on-board WiFi. The next step is to install mining software. There are several options for this. Siraj Raval goes for Honeyminer. The result is a simple set-up that pays him quite well. According to Raval, he mined $800 worth of Bitcoin every month this way.

All balls on crypto

So Raval’s wallet is growing even faster than it already did. In fact, he also gets his salary paid in crypto. The employee of Polygon – the number 13 cryptocurrency – does not believe in the dollar and puts everything into crypto. Sounds risky, but he sees it the other way around. Speaking to CNBC, Raval let it be known that he expects hyperinflation to be a matter of time, and that soon the dollar will be worth nothing.

If you want to follow Raval’s example and use your Tesla to mine Bitcoin, you can. In this video, the best man himself gives a complete explanation. By the way, don’t expect to pull in the same amounts as Raval. After all, our energy rates are higher. Despite this, it should be possible to earn a few hundred euros per month. Not bad, right?

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