Reddit tips these 7 crypto for 2023 and sees P2E

Reddit tips these 7 crypto for 2023 and sees P2E as trend

There are many analysts and experts tipping crypto with profit potential. This is interesting, but ultimately it is the (potential) buyers who determine the demand for crypto. There are numerous discussion groups on the Internet (i.e. Reddit) about crypto and many of them are on the “front page of the Internet”; Reddit. Analysts scoured the discussions. What are the 7 most popular crypto for 2023 according to that site? We list them.

Not surprising: Reddit continues to trust the big 3 crypto

Traditionally, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) have been seen as the big 3 in crypto. On Reddit, it appears that this remains true in 2023. People are confident in Bitcoin (BTC) with an eye on the next halving in 2024, Ethereum (ETH) has a number of major updates planned in its transition to Ethereum 2.0, including the Shanghai update which may be the most important after the Merge update. For Ripple (XRP), the main focus is on the outcome of the lawsuit filed by the SEC.

Of course, it is important to keep an eye on how the potential Reddit toppers are performing. That’s why you can follow all live Bitcoin and crypto prices 24 hours a day on the site.

Now that we’ve discussed the “usual suspects” for crypto returns in 2023, it’s time to look at the real surprises.

The Reddit crypto trend for 2023: Play to Earn (P2E)

Two of the 4 unknown crypto tipped are P2E coins.

Calvaria (RIA): P2E for mass adoption

The first crypto is aimed at mass adoption. This blockchain game works with a free version (which you can download through their Play Store) where you can earn crypto by gaming.

In addition to the free download, there is also a paid version, and it is currently in pre-sale. During the pre-sale 1 USDT you can buy 100 RIA. According to Reddit, the game is very popular and will be one of THE crypto in 2023.

Popular P2E crypto: Tamadoge (TAMA) combines game and meme

The pre-sale of Tamadoge (TAMA) is already over. This one raised $19 million in less than 8 weeks. In this ecosystem, you can earn free crypto by creating your own memes (Tamadoge Pets) and by gaming. The tokenomics, user cases and continued interest from users makes many Reddit users think Tamadoge (TAMA) offers a lot of potential as a crypto investment in 2023.

As you can see, P2E is a way to earn free crypto. We explained earlier: there are more ways to earn free crypto coins in 2023 as well.

Investing in eco-friendly crypto can yield returns

Another hit on Reddit is IMPT. This project sells its token to reduce carbon emissions. That this initiative is popular is evidenced by the fact that in addition to Reddit, investors are also showing enthusiasm. The token has only been in pre-sale for 2 weeks, but already raised $5 million.

The pre-sale proceeds in 3 stages. The first stage is selling 600 million tokens for $0.018 each (so more than half of these have already been sold). After this, starting in December, 660 million tokens will be sold for $0.023 each, after which the 3rd stage will ask $0.028 each.

Anticipating pre-sales and new introductions? Dash2Trade (D2T)

As the last crypto token tipped on Reddit as a trend for 2023, we discuss the Dash2Trade (D2T). This token belongs to the project that created a dashboard where pre-sales of new crypto tokens can be found and where people also share which crypto will be introduced on which exchanges.

This is useful information for investors, as it often turns out that crypto prices rise leading up to introduction on a reputable exchange. That many investors want to be up front for that knowledge is apparent, as in 24 hours the D2T token already raised $400,000.

So if we go by Reddit, we could see another breakthrough in crypto innovation in 2023. Of course, with that said, while the probability of high returns is higher with more unknown crypto, so is the probability of loss. After all, not every trend becomes mainstream and if such a coin then disappears, your investment has also evaporated. We therefore advise you to always do your own research.

Of course, you can also practice investing in crypto first. You can even do this for free and risk-free if you create a free account at

Stay up to date with the latest price developments?

You can always follow the developments yourself with our WANT analyses and overviews. Of course, you can also follow the BTC and live cryptocurrencies 24 hours a day if you want to stay updated in real time.

Note: We never give financial advice, so you can’t interpret our contributions that way either. Always do your own research and decide on rational grounds if, when, what and how much you want to invest.


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