These companies are investing in Bitcoin and thats how much

These companies are investing in Bitcoin and that’s how much they’re worth

More and more companies are investing in Bitcoin and other crypto. The question is how much influence these companies have. Also, of course, it is interesting to know how much Bitcoin these companies then have and what that is currently worth. We dive into the numbers.

How much Bitcoin do companies have and how big is their share?

Because crypto is anonymous, it is difficult to find out all companies with crypto holdings. However, listed companies are required to disclose their assets in their figures. So they do have to indicate there whether they own crypto such as Bitcoin. They must also provide details on that.

In addition, of course, there are many more unlisted companies. Here it is a lot more difficult to find out how much Bitcoin they own if they do not declare it themselves. Nevertheless, figures are known from this segment as well. We list them.

How much Bitcoin do listed companies have?

First, let’s look at listed companies. The numbers reveal that there are only 37 listed companies worldwide that own BTC. Of these, 16 are from the Americas. 12 come from Canada. We also see 4 European companies: 2 from Germany, 1 from the United Kingdom and 1 from Turkey. Furthermore, we see 4 Asian companies: 1 from Japan, one from Thailand and one from China. 1 Australian party completes the list.

Collectively they own 257,954 BTC, At the live Bitcoin (BTC) exchange rate which currently stands at 19,582.10 euros we are therefore talking about a value of 5,051,281,023.40 euros. Although this is an astronomical amount, the amount of BTC they hold amounts to only 1.228% of the 21 million BTC that will eventually be in circulation.

How much BTC do large private companies hold?

As we explained earlier, BTC trading is anonymous. This means that the crypto holdings of private companies are only known if they themselves share information about it. Of the companies that have done so, we know that they collectively own 316,067 BTC. At the current exchange rate, this is 6,189,255,600.70 euros. Again, the percentage of total BTC (1.505%) stands out somewhat.

Which 5 companies have the most Bitcoin in the world?

In first place we find the company that initiated the ownership of Bitcoin by publicly traded companies, MicroStrategy. They currently own 130,000 BTC. With that, they own 0.619% of the total stock.

This puts MicroStrategy a street length ahead of No. 2, Galaxy Digital Holdings. This financial giant has “only” 40,000 BTC and thus 0.19% of the total stock.

Yet, this also provides another hefty lead over No. 3, as Voyager Digital LTD holds 0.058% of the total amount of Bitcoin with 12,260 BTC.

Rest assured, Elon Musk’s Tesla has not been forgotten, as with 10,725 BTC, it takes 4th place with 0.051% despite the large sale.

Leading the top 5 is Marathon Digital Holdings Inc. With 10,311 BTC, they hold 0.049% of the total amount in circulation at full mining.

So what do these numbers really say?

First of all, we see that both in number and quantity only a small amount of BTC is still held by listed companies. If we then see that almost half of the BTC at the largest companies is held by one party this gives cause for concern.

After all MicroStrategy with this capable of acting as so-called market maker and thus creating unnatural price movements. So the question is how strong and growing is the tendency of large companies to advise in crypto. We will, of course, continue to follow the market.


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