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Why you can see (almost) no trace of crypto during Super Bowl LVII

The Super Bowl is coming up, and we probably won’t be bothered by crypto ads then. Previously, large companies that make money from this did buy ad space, but they have since pulled out. What exactly is going on here?

Fans of the Super Bowl had a hard time last year. After all, they were bombarded to death with advertisements from all sorts of companies making money from crypto. Companies like FTX, and Crypto.com all competed for your attention, but in 2023, this will not be happening, reports Sports Business Journal.

No crypto during the Super Bowl

That this happened last year is easily explained. People watching the Super Bowl at home watched celebrities like LeBron James and Matt Damon try to persuade them to invest in crypto. At that time, one Bitcoin was still worth more than $42,000. Ah, those were the days.

One year later, how do things stand? Not only has the price dropped to $22,964.24 (at 10:45, on Tuesday morning), many of those companies are now experiencing problems in the market. FTX has been completely sidelined and is now pulling the entire market with it. So everyone has to make do with less in the meantime.

Big difference from last year

And this is a big difference from last year. Back then, for example, FTX came out with a spot in which actor Larry David went by all sorts of wonderful human inventions. He covered toilets, the light bulb, wheels and, of course, crypto. And he was skeptical about all of them. But such spots are often effective.

So while no advertising space has been purchased by the larger players in the crypto market, that doesn’t mean that no more spots with this theme are popping up at all. In fact, smaller players can also buy space locally, which of course costs much less money.

Samsung Super BowlThe Super Bowl gets an upgrade! (Image: Samsung)

Want to watch the Super Bowl live? The game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs starts at 00:30 on the night of Sunday to Monday.

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