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5 PlayStation 5 problems you solve in these simple ways

Do you own a PlayStation 5? Then you occasionally run into irritating problems. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions to that. We list them for you.

The PlayStation 5 is, of course, a wonderful console. On the console, you play games that look fantastic like Hogwarts Legacy, God of War and Horizon: Forbidden West. That’s fun, of course, but then it all has to be flawless.

5 Common PlayStation 5 issues and the solution

Still, PlayStation 5 owners have frequent problems. Here come the 5 most irritating ones and with them the solutions.

#1 Stick Drifting

You’ve probably seen the term Stick Drifting come up before. It is a well-known problem with the PlayStation 5 Dual Sense controller. Basically, it means that it thinks the joystick is being moved, when it is not. So very irritating when you are gaming.

Nevertheless, there is a solution to this. First you can try to update the console. To do this, go to Settings>Accessories>Controller. Finally, it is also possible to reset your controller. For this, there is a narrow hole on the back under the PlayStation 5 logo.

#2 PlayStation 5 is overheating

A console has to deliver high performance and that requires good cooling. This is what PlayStation 5 brings in through the fans that you can sometimes hear spinning quite a bit as well. If the temperature gets too high you also get a notification on your screen.

PlayStation 5 wifi 6The console (Image: Sony)

There are several solutions to this. You may need to clean the fan. You do that like this

Remove the base from your PlayStation 5
Slide the white cover off your console
Vacuum into the two dust holes with a vacuum cleaner

This allows you to remove dust without loosening screws. In addition, it may also help not to put your console in closed space, such as a narrow cabinet.

#3 PlayStation 5 crashes

It is possible that your PlayStation 5 crashes regularly. As such, this could have several causes. First comes the ancient solution: turn the console on and off. This will fix temporary system errors. Also, make sure you have the latest software version.

Hogwarts LegacyHogwarts Legacy (Image: Portkey Games)

Another solution may be to turn off your PlayStation 5’s idle mode. This state is known to frequently cause problems.

Finally, it may help to rebuild the PS5 database. This may eliminate problems. You do it like this:

Turn off your PS5.
Then hold down the power button for seven seconds. Release it when you hear a beep
Connect your controller via the USB cable, your PS5 will now enter security mode
Here select your database rebuild. This may take several hours

None of this helps? Then you will really need to reset the system to factory settings. To do this, go to Settings>System Software>Reset options>Reset PlayStation 5. If that doesn’t help either, contact Sony.

PlayStation 5 controllerGaming! (Image: Reet Talreja / Unsplash)

#4 Network problems

Wifi issues are among the most common problems on the PlayStation 5. We give you a quick checklist

First, you would do well to check your own network. Connect your phone or PC to the same network and check the Internet speed. Also check if your router might need a firmware update.
Is all that correct? Then turn off your PlayStation 5 for three minutes. Check the PlayStation Network page to see if there is an outage.
Connect the PS5 to the network with an Ethernet cable. Then check for updates. And Install them.

If that doesn’t work, contact Sony.

#5 The infamous error code CE-108262-9

You really don’t want to see this message on your PlayStation 5. It comes up when your system crashes regularly. Unfortunately, if it occurs a few times, there is no fix for it and even waiting for a new system update is of little use. If you see this code, contact Sony immediately.

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