After Sea of Thieves Halo may also move from

After Sea of Thieves, Halo may also move from Xbox to PlayStation 5

There is a chance that the iconic gaming franchise Halo will come to PlayStation, but is this such a good idea?

More and more Xbox exclusive games are coming to other consoles like the PlayStation 5. A while ago we already saw the release of games such as Hi-Fi Rush, Grounded, Sea of Thieves and Pentiment on the PS5.

But this was just the beginning. Microsoft has shown its interest in porting Xbox games to the PlayStation 5. And it has gotten to the point where there are even rumors of the PS5 release of one of the most iconic Xbox franchises; Halo.

Halo from Xbox to PlayStation 5

New rumors indicate that a remaster of an iconic Halo game is in the works. And this remastered version may also come out on the PlayStation 5, while Halo has always been an Xbox exclusive game.

In fact, there are talks at Microsoft to have Halo follow in the footsteps of games such as Sea of Thieves. This was also an Xbox-exclusive game, until the beginning of this year. Then this game also became playable on PlayStation 5 consoles. Games such as Indiana Jones or Starfield could also join Halo in the competition.

After Sea of Thieves, Halo may be moving Xbox to PlayStation 5Halo: Infinite (Image: Microsoft)

Is it a good plan?

Still, it is debatable whether this switch is such a good plan. Both Xbox and PlayStation have super good exclusive games. Where Xbox has games like Forza and thus Halo, the PlayStation 5 has games like Spider-Man and The Last of Us. These games could affect people choosing which console to get.

But if Xbox doesn’t have any exclusive games left, this could start to have a negative impact on the company. Microsoft then gives gamers fewer reasons to get an Xbox, especially since the PlayStation 5 still has exclusive games that cannot be played on the Xbox.


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Yet again, the influence will not be that great. In general, PlayStation has much more popular exclusive games. Halo is one of the few Xbox games that is truly popular, and the franchise is not what it once was. By bringing Halo to the PlayStation 5, though, Microsoft may be able to earn additional revenue from the games again.

It is and always will be a separate choice for Xbox to stop making its unique games exclusive and bring them to the PlayStation 5. Still, they have already had success with the first batch of games they did this with. So perhaps they will go for a second round, this time with games like Halo and Starfield.

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