1662068779 After the foldable smartphone here it is the foldable gaming

After the foldable smartphone, here it is: the foldable gaming monitor!

We all have to become more and more flexible, and that includes our devices in the home. Of course you’ve already heard of the foldable phone, but it can get even crazier. What about a monitor for your games?

You can play games (almost) anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s on your Nintendo Switch in the train, or relaxing on the couch with your PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. Of course, there is also a group that prefers to game on the PC. This ensures the best graphics. Of course, to get a good picture you need something else too: the perfect monitor. Now there is one on the market that tries to achieve that.

The ideal monitor for gaming

When you think of folding, at first you might think of paper or the clean laundry. If you’re a bit of a nerd (like us), then you end up with smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Fold. However, things can get much crazier. At the CES in Las Vegas we already saw foldable screens pass by, but now you can also game on them. Corsair comes up with a gaming monitor that you can fold.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t fold completely, so you can take it with you on the train. However, it’s pretty darn convenient for when you’re gaming. There are different types of gaming monitors on the market today. There are the curved models, but also the traditional flat versions. If you can’t choose between those, now you don’t have to.

Cosair monitor)You want this monitor, right? (Image: Cosair)

hefty specs

Corsair has now announced the Xeneon Flex 45WQHD240. It is a 45-inch monitor with 3,440 by 1,440 pixels. A big screen. In addition, you can fold it from flat to a curved model. You do this by means of the levers on the side. You can set each side to how far you want it to be bent. However, we wonder when you would really want that.

The screen of the gaming monitor is from LG. This OLED has a 240Hz refresh rate and a 0.03 millisecond gray-tog-gray response. It also has 99 percent DCI-P3 coverage and 1000 nits of brightness.

monitor CosairFold, thanks! (Image: Cosair)

Unfortunately, we don’t know one thing yet. Well, actually two important factors. It is still unknown when the monitor will actually come out and Corsair is also keeping the price a secret. However, the company says it wants to give more clarity this year. To be continued.

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