1702297830 Beloved Battle Royale mode gets a hit from LEGO in

Beloved Battle Royale mode gets a hit from LEGO in Fortnite

The number of gamers playing the Battle Royale mode in Fortnite is lower than the number having fun with LEGO Fortnite. This is further proof that the crossover between the two brands has enormous potential.

Earlier this month, Fortnite introduced its partnership with LEGO. The game from Epic Games itself features a separate gameplay similar to Minecraft. As a player, you have to survive, collect and build.

Where you normally have to go wild in defeating other players, this LEGO mode does things a little differently. It leans mainly on cooperation. Something that, since its launch on Dec. 7, is proving to be a successful formula.

LEGO Fortnite gives Battle Royale the upper hand

Although the numbers are not official, Fortnite.gg is a tracker that often has the right information. In that regard, the numbers are definitely worth sharing with the public.

FortniteFortnite (Image: Epic Games)

So LEGO Fortnite appeared on December 7, and the number of daily players has not been below two million since then. On December 10, the player count almost managed to reach 2.5 million, which is incredibly high.

By comparison, the immensely successful Battle Royale, on which Fortnite has leaned for a few years, only reached half these numbers this weekend.

Since 2017, of course, the Battle Royale mode has been the one to play. The highest peak it’s ever had is at 3.1 million players. Can you imagine how impressive 2.5 million players in the first weekend of LEGO mode is.

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