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Bullshit surrounding the PlayStation 5 seems to be over after all

Although the PlayStation 5 has been on the market since October 2020, 2.5 years later it can still be difficult to score the console. However, that time now seems to be over.

For the past few years, getting your hands on the PlayStation 5 has been quite difficult. You had to be extremely quick when a store offered them, because within minutes they were gone again. As a result, exorbitant prices were charged on Marketplace, leaving you paying hundreds of euros more.

More copies of the PlayStation 5 are available again

Those days seem to be definitely behind us now, as sales of the PlayStation 5 continue to rise. This is because there are more available as production has been increased. This makes it easier to get a console. According to Gameindustry.biz, compared to February of last year, sales are actually up 316 percent in the United Kingdom.

We see this reflected in the Netherlands as well, as more and more stores have regular copies for sale. Moreover, the PlayStation 5 is not gone within minutes as was the case before.

For example, at the time of writing, the PlayStation 5 is on sale at two stores. For example, you can purchase one for 549 euros at BCC and Amazon is asking 587.99 euros for one.

The ideal time to buy a PS5 or Xbox

By the way, we see the same thing happening with the Xbox Series X. As a result, we see Microsoft’s console showing up more and more often at different stores. The Series S is even always in stock. That’s unfortunately not yet the case with the PlayStation 5.

Hogwarts Legacy, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, Harry PotterTada! (Image: Portkey Games / Warner Bros.)

In short, now is the ideal time to hunt for a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, so you can finally play games at the highest quality on your television. For example, you’ll enjoy Hogwarts Legacy extra. My colleague Mark tells you all about it in this special guide.

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