1704286757 Child prodigy 13 manages to beat Tetris as first human

Child prodigy (13) manages to beat Tetris as first human in 30 years

Blue Scuti, a prodigy and streamer in one, has passed AI. This is the first human ever to actually beat Tetris.

For the first time in 30 years, a human has actually managed to completely beat the NES classic Tetris. The person in question: 13-year-old streamer Blue Scuti.

During a 38-minute session, the prodigy pushed Tetris to the so-called kill screen. In other words, an actual game over where the game crashes and becomes unplayable. A feat that so far only AI managed.

After AI, humans are finally smarter than Tetris

In 1989, Tetris, which until then had been a successful game for the Game Boy, was introduced for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). Millions of people played the game, but in more than 30 years no one ever managed to actually finish it.

Yes, there are plenty of gamers who have managed to reach the various endings of the classic puzzle game. A challenge in itself, but Blue Scuti has taken the concept of playing out Tetris to the extreme.

Tetris-Game-BoyTetris on the Game Boy. (Image: Unsplash)

Although a mistake was made here and there, Blue Scuti managed to ensure that the falling blocks (which came down at a murderous pace) caused the ultimate reaction. His impressive style of play achieved the “kill screen,” an absolute phenomenon in the Tetris world.

The video below shows how the streamer responded:


Who is Blue Scuti?

Blue Scuti made an impressive entrance into the competitive Tetris scene in December 2021 and dragged in quite a few awards in 2023. From this came a streaming career that was crowned with the ultimate achievement on January 2.

Unique rolling technique proves key

Over the years, gamers have discovered various tricks to play Tetris as fast as possible via the NES controller. Previously, this was done through the so-called Hyper Tapping, where gamers would press the D-Pad like crazy, which was then pressed 12 times per second.

But since 2021, there is a new way of playing. Thanks to Rolling technology, in which gamers press the D-Pad faster by sliding their fingers across the bottom of the NES controller, it is pressed twenty times per second.

It proved to be the key to beating Tetris three years later, as Blue Scuti used exactly this technique.

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