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CoolBlue gives gamers another shot at the PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 has been out for over a year now. Yet the console has been available only sparsely. Now you have a new opportunity.

The PlayStation 5, along with the Xbox Series X, is the most sought-after console right now. The two consoles are still very hard to get. If they are for sale at all at a store, they sell out again in no time. Now you can try again to get the console.

PlayStation 5 at Coolblue

The PlayStation 5 is available again. This time at Coolblue. Unfortunately, as usual, the stock is limited again. A total of 2,000 copies are available. Coolblue claims that in total 300,000 people are interested. So unfortunately not everyone can buy a PS5 and therefore the web store is going to draw lots again.

To participate in the draw, you need to register yourself via Coolblue’s app before Thursday, July 28, 10:00 am. One day later, on July 29, the online store will contact the lucky people who can buy a copy.

Horizon Forbidden West PlayStation 5Horizon Forbidden West is played on the PS5. (Image: Guerrilla Games)

Only bundles for sale

Unfortunately, there are snags in Coolblue’s raffle. You have to buy a bundle if you are one of the winners. This means that you are required to also receive a number of games and accessories. Ideal for the webshop of course, because in this way Coolblue gets even more revenue.

There are several bundles for sale in combination with the PlayStation 5. For the normal version of the console you can choose from one with Horizon Forbidden West and an extra controller. The second option is a game console with the games Formula 1 2022 and Gran Turismo 7. These cost 629.98 and 635.97 euros respectively.

With the PlayStation 5 Digital, you can choose between two bundles. The first option includes Horizon Forbidden West and the JBL Quantum 350 Wireless. Option two has the 3D Pulse headset, Camera, Remote and Charge Dock.

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