Crazy about puzzles These five Android games are worth a

Crazy about puzzles? These five Android games are worth a try!

Puzzle games are a popular genre on Android thanks to their accessibility and simple gameplay. Fortunately, there is no shortage of engaging titles on the Play Store.

And that’s exactly why we took the time to list our favorites. After all, not all titles are equally good. We give you an overview of Android games that you should not miss.

Puzzle lovers beware: these Android games are your best options

The list has something for every puzzle lover. From chill, casual games to brainteasers. Just keep in mind that all Android games cost money. Although this is obviously not ideal, you pay for excellent quality. Is there something for you?

1. Baba Is You

Baba Is You is based on a traditional Sokoban puzzle game with a fun twist. The Android game uses cryptic words that help you progress through the game. In fact, you unlock specific skills or areas by putting certain words together. Keep in mind that the puzzles are far from easy. It is an extremely challenging game, so you can be extra proud of yourself when you have solved a level.

Download Baba Is You here

2. Golf Peaks for Android

Golf Peaks looks like a miniature golf game, but it’s actually a puzzle game. There are over 120 levels to explore, spread across ten worlds. You use cards to move the ball, but first you have to figure out which cards are the right ones. It makes for a challenging puzzle that requires you to spend a lot of time on. But that’s exactly what makes the game so much fun. Not a dull moment with this Android app!

Download Golf Peaks here

3. Gorogoa

Sliding tile puzzle games may have a reputation for being simple, but Gorogoa is anything but. Thanks to some surprising art and abstract puzzles, this is an Android game that goes far beyond moving a few tiles. Imagine Salvador Dali developing a video game and you’ll come close to the abstract design of this release. Although the game is only 2 hours long in total, it’s a great ride you won’t want to miss.

Download Gorogoa here

4. Cessabit

After a long day of work, Cessabit is the ideal relaxer. In fact, the Android app is described as a stress reliever, and that label is apt. It’s up to you to memorize various hand-drawn images. Then you must answer questions about the image. Fortunately, you can tap on objects at each stage to discover a few hints.The beautiful line art makes this game a feast for the eyes as well. So if you like chill memory games, Cessabit is a tasty game that ticks all the right boxes.

Download Cessabit here


PUSH is a fun, minimalist puzzle game where your only goal is to press a bunch of different buttons in the right order. The great thing about this game is that there are no timers and tutorials. This is an Android game that focuses solely on gameplay and gameplay alone. Ideal for when you want to play a game in complete peace of mind.

Download PUSH here

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