Criminal steals fortune in Pokemon cards

Criminal steals fortune in Pokémon cards

Pokémon cards have been very hot for a while now. Especially when it comes to rare copies, there is a lot of money involved. And that also poses certain risks. This became clear last week in the United States.

Because in Forest Lake, which is located in the U.S. State of Minnesota a crack was made on February 10. That’s what website Kotaku reports. And during that heist, a small fortune in Pokémon cards was looted.

Valuable Pokémon cards stolen

The robbery was committed in the night by a single person. He allegedly made a loot consisting of Pokémon cards and money. The value of the loot in this regard is remarkably high. There is said to be a value of about $250,000 that was taken from the Punch Out Gaming store. This is a small store, which allows consumers to buy and sell games and playing cards. And presumably those cards in particular would have caused the burglar to come upon it. The store did have security footage, but now that it’s been almost ten days and no one has been caught, the courage of those who were robbed is sinking in.

The burglar is said to have entered the house through a hole in the wall. There he would then have spent as much as two hours and obtained the appropriate Pokémon cards. Apparently he knew what to score. He probably also had an accomplice to load the items at the back. Although some of the loot is insured, it is difficult for the owner to start over. According to Eric Johnson, it is very difficult to build a collection like they had because the rarity of certain cards only increases.

The community wants to help

Online there is much love for the store that has been stripped of its Pokémon cards. Extra attention will be paid in the near future when certain rare cards are offered. So that way it is harder for the robber to actually make money off of them.

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