DOOM creator is working on a new first person shooter

DOOM creator is working on a new first person shooter

The absolute god of gods, John Romero, is working on a new First Person Shooter. He was responsible for the classic DOOM.

The developer let it be known via a tweet. He also states that there is a collaboration with “a” major publisher. Which company that is is unknown.

No DOOM but something new

It will be the first game since the release of Empire of Sin, which was notably created by Romero’s wife Brenda. Together, incidentally, they founded Romero Games.

doom john romeroMastermind working on a new master title? (Image: Wikipedia)


In fact, the new title is an indie game. After all, it falls under the banner of their own (as yet relatively small) studio. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be a simple game, especially not in collaboration with a major publisher.

Twitter won’t load because you didn’t give permission.

Exciting news! We’re hiring for new FPS!

– Romero Games Ltd (@romerogamesltd) July 19, 2022

The game is based on the Unreal 5 engine. Therefore, the studio is diligently looking for new personnel to develop the game. This tech is in fact extremely complicated, and equally impressive.

Secretive and that suits DOOM

There is an FAQ on the Galway studio’s website. A number of questions about this new IP were answered. “What can you tell us about this shooter?”, asked one interested party. “We can state that it is new, a shooter anyway, and a major publisher is going to release it.”

Want to do an internship there? You can do that, too. The positions are filled, the website states, but if you are exceptional, get in touch. We’ll assume for convenience that our readers are extremely exceptional.

Unreal 5 projects

It’s only recently that Epic Games has released the Unreal 5 engine. But numerous tech demos have already appeared online that have shown the power of that engine. The first games have not yet been released, but we can expect them this year and next.

So when Romero’s new shooter will appear is unclear. After all, we are still waiting for Sigil 2. That game was announced by Romero Studios but a release date is still floating somewhere in the water.

So in the meantime, we’ll just have to enjoy DOOM on the Switch or the track from DOOM ETERNAL BFG Division, arranged and played by Mick Gordon. Small twist: this version has the vocals of Alex Terrible of Slaughter to Prevail. Earplugs are recommended.

And now DOOM is totally brutal.

Bring on the new game (oh and put Alex in it, thanks, John).

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