Nintendo Switch these games will appear in March 2022

Fall Guys soon to be free to play on your Nintendo Switch

Fall Guys is one of the more enjoyable games released in recent years. It originally launched as a game on the PlayStation 4, where you could score it through PlayStation Plus. And now the developer has revealed that the game is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

In addition to the Nintendo Switch, Fall Guys will also appear on the Xbox Series X and Xbox One. In case you haven’t scored the game on the PlayStation yet, there’s good news for you too.

Fall Guys to Nintendo Switch and will be free

Because in addition to the fact that Fall Guys is coming to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox platforms, the game is also moving to free-to-play. That means it will be possible for anyone to download and play it for free. Should you already be playing the game, this is also good news. Because with the fact that the game is going to other platforms, the game will also get cross-play. This means that if you are still playing the game on the PlayStation 4, you can play it with a friend who is going crazy on the Switch. It is also possible for yourself to play the game on the Xbox first and then continue on the same account on the Switch. Your progress will be included.

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Soon you’ll be able to play Fall Guys for free on ALL PLATFORMS!

See you on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and EGS on June 21!!!!

– Fall Guys – BIG Announcement TODAY!!!! (@FallGuysGame) May 16, 2022

Should you be a gamer who bought the game for the PlayStation 4 at the time, you will get certain bonuses. Think of unique skins or a Season Pass for the new season when the game comes out on the other platforms. The game is due out on June 21.


Fall Guys is additionally getting a version for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. These are the same in content as the game you play on the Nintendo Switch. Only in terms of performance you can expect more of it. For example, the version for the Xbox Series X combines 60 FPS with 4K resolution.

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