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Fan of Fallout? These sci-fi series on Prime Video you’ll want to give a shot too

If you find Fallout a fun series to watch, these other sci-fi series on Amazon Prime Video are highly recommended.

Amazon Prime Video’s newest addition, Fallout, is becoming a real hit. The series is based on the video games of the same name. With a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 93 percent and many rave reviews online, the series is sure to be loved.

But the series only has eight episodes, so you’ll be through it in no time. Especially if you’re going to be binging Fallout in a lazy day. But fortunately, there are plenty of other good sci-fi series on Amazon Prime Video besides Fallout.

The perfect Prime Video series to watch after Fallout

Did you think Fallout was a fun series? Then these three Amazon Prime Video sci-fi series are highly recommended to watch when you’re done with the post-apocalyptic Fallout.


When you first see the series pass by on Prime Video you may think Invincible is just a simple superhero cartoon, but that is far from the truth. Invincible is one of the best adult animated series right now, with a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 98%. Even higher than Fallout.

Mark Grayson is a dead normal 17-year-old boy, only he’s not normal at all. His father is the strongest superhero on earth. When Mark himself begins to develop superpowers, his whole life is turned upside down and he finds out that his father is not as super as he thought.

The Peripheral

The Peripheral on Amazon Prime Video is an American television series loosely based on a 2014 book of the same name. The science fiction series was created by the same producer as Fallout, Jonathan Nolan, or Christopher Nolan’s brother.

The Peripheral is set about 50 years in the future. And a lot has changed in technology. When a gamer named Flynne Fisher wants to help her little brother with a game, she comes in contact with an alternate reality. But this is more dangerous than it sounds.

Outer Range on Amazon Prime video

Amazon Prime Video and Thanos are teaming up in the sci-fi western series Outer Range. Josh Brolin stars in Outer Range, playing a rancher with a clear goal in mind. The series combines elements of science fiction, action and western. Things that are also prominent in Fallout.

Royal Abbott, played by Josh Brolin, is a Wyoming rancher fighting for his land and family. Abbott encounters a mysterious black void at some point. But that’s not the only problem. Abbott’s daughter-in-law Rebecca has also disappeared, and a rival family, meanwhile, is trying to take Abbott off his land. He has a lot on his plate.

You can watch all the series discussed above on Amazon Prime Video. If you watched Fallout in a hurry, I’m sure these sci-fi series are also a good choice.

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