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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a delightful ode to an icon

For many Final Fantasy fans, the seventh volume is the best game in the series. Will Final Fantasy VII Rebirth for the PlayStation 5 make us forget about the old version?

Gamemaker Square Enix already gave us a delicious appetizer for the seventh part of the game with the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Now the main course is on the menu.

But can Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on the PlayStation 5 live up to the resulting high expectations? Is the game just as good, or perhaps better, and can it truly satisfy fans?

This is Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Let’s start at the beginning, because there may be some confusion with Final Fantasy VII Remake and Rebirth. In fact, both are remakes of the original version. Remake, however, focuses on the section in the ultra-modern city of Midgar, which was the beginning of the original Final Fantasy VII game. However, the creators made that so extensive that it was a game in itself. A third part is even planned.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth thus continues on the PlayStation 5 where Remake left off. The story is about the Avalanche group that opposes Shinra, an energy company that has a monopoly. They make energy from Mako, which is bad for the world because all life runs on it as well. You will mostly take on the role of main character Cloud.


Who is Cloud?

Cloud Strife is a former SOLDIER member with a dark past and a huge sword. Plagued by inner conflict, he leads the fight against Shinra and confronts his own demons while searching for himself. Moreover, he wants revenge on Sephiroth, who threatens the entire world.

Unlike the first part of the remake, now you actually go out into the world, something many fans are really looking forward to. Although Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is fairly linear, there are also large portions of the game that are open-world. Here you can do various side-quests and activities. These really give you some background about the story and the world.

Lots of activities

The activities are nice, but sometimes feel mostly like padding. If you don’t feel like it, they are fine to skip. These are things like defeating monsters with certain objectives and searching for hidden crystals. These activities feel a bit like a typical Ubisoft game on the PlayStation 5 with icons on the map, like Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed.

Still, completing again gives just a few advantages to exploring the world on your own. For example, you can explore more areas with Chocobos (the typical Final Fantasy bird that can take you anywhere) and it provides experience points that allow you to develop skills and strengths faster.

The nice thing is that, in addition, certain events can change things in the world, making it worthwhile to return to old places from time to time.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is delightful (old) icon on PlayStation 5 (Image: Square Enix)

A beautiful fantasy world on your PlayStation 5

By the way, the world looks very beautiful and especially if you compare it to the drab Midgar. In addition, some images (especially the backgrounds) were blurry in the previous volume, but fortunately Final Fantasy VII Rebirth does not suffer from that. This is partly due to the fact that unlike the previous installment, this one was developed specifically for the PlayStation 5.

However, the story is still well put together, although in doing so it is really nice to play the first part. There is a small recap in the game, but even then you probably still have no idea as a new player what exactly it is about. Fortunately, one of the first flashbacks in the game really gets you right into the story without having to know the real previous history.

What even a new player immediately recognizes is the bond between the various characters. These are well built up there. In various sidequests, you go out as Cloud with your various teammates, where there are wonderful conversations between the two. And this is important precisely because Cloud may seem like a blunt dick without any emotion at first.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s combat system.

What has remained fairly the same in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the way of fighting in the first part. One part is active and a smaller part is passive. You have to build up attacks to eventually use special techniques or magic. You can easily switch between different characters on your PlayStation 5.

1708956634 922 Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a delightful ode to an (Image: Square Enix)

As you’ve come to expect from Final Fantasy, VII Rebirth on the PlayStation 5 also has its own skill tree, allowing you to shape your character. In this game, this is called Folios. These work quite simply and you can easily choose how you want to develop your character. For example, do you focus on magic or physical attacks?

Still, there is one thing that does sometimes cause irritation. The computer-controlled characters do not perform attacks as quickly as you do. As a result, it can sometimes take a while to fill up a bar allowing you to perform a special attack or if you just want to use magic. However, each character plays really differently. It is therefore nice to switch between the different characters in battles.

Play the way you want on your PlayStation 5

In addition, you can easily customize your special attacks through Materia. These are round spheres that all in turn improve a stat or attack of their own. For example, consider adding a fire attack.

It is also possible to create your own items in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth for the PlayStation 5. You do this by collecting various resources. You can get these by defeating enemies but also by searching the world. These include potions as well as equipment, for example.


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All in all, all these options still allow you to play the game the way you want, despite it being a linear game. The whole story can be played out without too much fuss, but sometimes it pays to stop for a moment and really enjoy the environment or mini-games.

You will unfortunately have to wait a while before the game comes out. It will be released on Feb. 29 and is a PlayStation 5 exclusive for now.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Square Enix


Plus points

Story Beautiful world Smooth battles with depth An ode to the original


Too much content put in only as pure padding

The creators have continued well where they left off with the previous installment. Once again you experience a wonderful journey where you secretly wish that there is no end to it, even though some parts may feel like padding. Padding that is not necessary at all because without it you can easily spend dozens of hours and often longer.

Where with remakes you often fear it will damage the original version, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is truly an ode to the original. Especially the characters make this game truly unique.

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