Final Fantasy XVI will be the PlayStation 5 game of

Final Fantasy XVI will be the PlayStation 5 game of 2023

During Sony’s most recent State of Play, there was of course a focus on Final Fantasy XVI. The new game in the long-running series is due out exclusively on the PlayStation 5 and will be released in 2023.

The latter is the bit that falls under not-so-good news. After all, we had hoped that Final Fantasy XVI would still be releasing on the PlayStation 5 by the end of this year. However, the new trailer and information makes up for a lot.

Final Fantasy XVI on the PlayStation 5

During the State of Play presentation, we got to see a brand new trailer of Final Fantasy XVI on the PlayStation 5. Under the heading of Dominance, we see, among other things, several well-known Summons from the game series. In the new game, these are called Eikons. The hero of the game, Clive Rosfield, has the ability to summon these powerful creatures in combat in order to emerge victorious. Check out the new trailer below.

In addition to the introduction of the Eikons, we also get to experience an active combat system in the new Final Fantasy XVI, which is also shown in the trailer. The developer also reveals that development is going well. According to Hiroshi Takai, director of the game, it is already fully playable. This means that the coming year will be devoted mainly to improving the game. In this way, in the summer of 2023 you will get a complete product on the PlayStation 5 that should be captivating from beginning to end.

More soon

The developer of Final Fantasy XVI also let it be known that gamers will be able to see more of the game soon. According to Takai, the next update would not be very long in coming. So if you have a PlayStation 5, you know you’re in for a great summer in 2023. Want to read more about gaming? Then visit our overview page here.

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