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Forspoken on the PlayStation 5: 5 things you’ll want to know before purchase

Square Enix releases Forspoken today on PlayStation 5 and Windows. The much talked about game has a lot of potential, but does it know how to handle it well?

WANT editor-in-chief Mark Hofman went wild with the game last week. In this article, he tells you five things you need to know before you pick up the game for 64.99 euros.

Quick facts about PlayStation 5 game Forspoken

Forspoken is an Adventure RPG (Role Playing Game)
Created by Square Enix
Available for PlayStation 5 and PC
Has an age recommendation of 18 years and older

Forspoken on PlayStation 5: 5 things you want to know

So Forspoken is Square Enix’s new PlayStation 5 game. What exactly is it a game, what are your options, what is the playing experience like and is it worth buying?

For exactly that reason, I put quite a few hours into the title last week and am listing five things for you. Because those are also your friends from WANT.

#1 Frey looks for a way back from Athia

Forspoken is a game from Square Enix that revolves around New York’s Frey Holland. When life is anything but smooth, she discovers a magical bracelet that transports her to the magical, and also cruel, Athia.

Athia has become a completely bizarre world by the Break. For example, 99% of humanity has died and the world is full of wacky (and deadly) creatures. Frey has to survive in this absurd world and has a magic bracelet to help with that. The powers involved are still a bit uncomfortable, but gradually the New Yorker seems to be the perfect person for this assignment.

Forspoken, PlayStation 5, games, gaming, reviewJump! (Image: Square Enix)

#2 Open-world generally plays nicely

So Athia is the setting for Forspoken on the PlayStation 5. The world is well put together and is impressive on every front. As such, the game plays nicely in that area, although not every part of it is equally pleasing.

Exploring the world itself is top-notch, but the missions in closed rooms or locations feel a bit awkward. There also seems to be so much going on during battles with monsters that you’re ramming buttons rather than actually knowing what you’re doing. It works, it’s entertaining, but the experience is not ideal. Though I imagine some gamers may enjoy it.

Fortunately, Athia (and thus the open-world) really does make up for it incredibly well.

#3 Forspoken gets off to a very slow start

Forspoken revolves around the story of Frey. A narrative that, if you ask me, is pretty well put together. The only problem, however, is that the game gets off to an incredibly slow start.

Many different cutscenes pretty much fill up the first hour and a half of the game. There are some playable moments, of course, but they are heavily laid out in this part of the game. The endless conversations with Cuff (the bracelet) and Frey’s questions can cause some irritation.

So you have to beat yourself up through the beginning for quite a while, but Forspoken does eventually begin to flow.

Forspoken, PlayStation 5, games, gaming, reviewThere are more fun beasts to encounter (Image: Square Enix)

#4 PlayStation 5 can do more than this

Although Forspoken has a lot of potential, the game does not seem to take full advantage of the PlayStation 5’s capabilities. Sony’s console is incredibly powerful and capable of the finest graphical presentations. Something Square Enix, with this game, does not really take advantage of.

There’s something magical about the world of Athia, and it’s evident when you discover it. The problem, however, is that it all feels a bit vague. An experience that mainly prevails once you watch the cutscenes. Interactions and movements don’t come across as natural and that, as far as I’m concerned, is a real shame. Just like the lighting which, to my mind, dates back to 2009.

Forspoken is certainly not the ugliest game I’ve played on the PlayStation 5, but the console is capable of more than this.

#5 Forspoken is more than a main-story

There has been the sound in the corridors for a while that Forspoken is incredibly short. While that’s certainly true of the story, I can’t help but say that we’re dealing with a misunderstanding. In fact, the PlayStation 5 game is very much more than its main story.

As you would expect from an RPG and open-world game, there are countless options. Playing temporary side-quest, evaluating Frey as a magical queen and exploring Athia provide hours and hours of fun.

But should you settle for just the main story you are already a good twenty hours on the way. Although it may be shorter if you don’t try to discover anything of the world.

Forspoken, PlayStation 5, games, gaming, reviewHocus, Pocus. Anyone can do magic. (Image: Square Enix)

Forspoken on PlayStation 5: buy it or leave it?

To be fair, Forspoken was actually considered a flop before it even came out. That’s unfair, because the PlayStation 5 game is indeed entertaining.

The story is not thunderous, the gameplay can be confusing at times and the look and feel is not what the PlayStation 5 really has to offer you. But the game’s open-world, devastatingly fast combat and features do ensure that you can really entertain yourself for dozens of hours. It should just be clear that this really has to be your taste, otherwise it will be a long sit.

Forspoken is available for the PlayStation 5 and can be purchased at BOL for 64.99 euros.

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