God of War and Marvel the absolute top news from

God of War and Marvel: the absolute top news from the PlayStation State of Play

The PlayStation State of Play has been and quite a few things have been announced again. And some of these things were expected.

The PlayStation State of Play, meanwhile, is behind us again. A fair amount was announced again during this big showcase, perhaps a little too much to remember all at once.

There were also quite a few things announced that we were already expecting. But there were also definitely some surprises, such as a new Marvel game trailer. At any rate, we have plenty to look forward to.

PlayStation’s State of Play

PlayStation has again given us plenty of things to look forward to, the problem now is waiting for them to actually come out.

Silent Hill 2 remake

As expected, we finally know more about the Silent Hill 2 remake. We already knew the game was coming out this year, but now we have a date: Oct. 8, 2024. In addition to the release date, we now have a trailer with gameplay and hints of the story.

As in the original game, you play as James Sunderland, a man who returns to Silent Hill in search of his deceased wife. At least we can see from the trailer that there is plenty of action in the game. If you want to know more there is a stream where the developer tells more about the game.

Monster Hunter Wilds

Still, there are some games we didn’t predict at the PlayStation State of Play, like Monster Hunter Wilds. Capcom has given us the first trailer of the game. Monster Hunter Wilds will be the next game in the series where you have to fight giant monsters.

The very cinematic trailer gives us a lot of new information about the game. For example, we see the player sailing across the desert on a ship and riding a dinosaur-like beast past a horde of beasts. The trailer also shows another good plan of action: lure a beast away from its group and then strike.

Astro Bot is coming to the PlayStation 5 again

We secretly expected it, but there will also be a new Astro Bot game. After the success of the first two games, Sony could hardly do otherwise. But we do have some bad news about the game; unlike Astro’s Playroom, it won’t be free.

The new debut trailer gives us a lot of new information about Astro Bot. For example, the player flies through various 3D levels while changing shape, size and costume. The game has also been given a release date; Sept. 6, 2024.

Marvel Rivals

There was also a new trailer for Marvel Rivals during PlayStation State of Play. In it, a closed beta test is also announced, but it has no release date yet. The game is being made by Chinese studio NetEase and will be a PvP game.

In Marvel Rivals, you must work in two teams of five as Marvel heroes slamming each other into the ground. The game is fairly reminiscent of games such as Overwatch 2. The trailer also showed game features such as team-up super abilities and destructible environments.

Concord for the PlayStation 5

We also finally have more information about the game Concord from the PlayStation State of Play. The trailer opens with the best graphics of the entire showcase. Here we see a group of intergalactic thieves pulling off a heist, it is very reminiscent of Guardians of the Galaxy.

But then the trailer suddenly turns to gameplay, and the game thus becomes another PvP game similar to Overwatch 2. Still, the developers did say that new story and lore content will be released on a regular basis. We don’t have a release date yet.

The First Descendent

There is also a reveal trailer for the shooter & looter game The First Descendent. In this trailer we didn’t necessarily see a whole lot of gameplay, so exactly what the game will look like remains a bit of a question. However, we did see bullets, laser beams and super abilities flying through the screen.

We’re told the release date for the actual game is July 7, so just a little more patience. We’ll get more about the game from developer Nexon later.

God of War, Dynasty Warriors and more from the PlayStation State of Play

More information about other games has also been released. For example, we finally know for sure that God of War: Ragnarok is coming to PC through a new trailer, also the DLC will be free. Dynasty Warriors: Origins also has a new trailer in which we see more gameplay.

In addition, Garten of Banban is coming to the PlayStation 5 and 4, Infinity Nikki has a new trailer and we have seen a short gameplay teaser of Alien Rogue Incursion for the VR2. Also coming out this fall is a new VR2 title from Skydance Studios; Behemoth and a PS5 and PC remake of the horror game Until Dawn.


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The Diablo-like game Path of Exile 2 Early Access is playing in late 2024, the new game Ballad of Antara has been announced for 2025, and there is a reveal trailer for Where Winds Meet. Finally, there is also a new trailer for Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero, but we don’t yet know when it will be released.

We got plenty more from PlayStation via State of Play to look forward to. Waiting for the games will be the hard part now, though.

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