1642434345 God of War is most successful PlayStation game on PC

God of War is most successful PlayStation game on PC

Last week, God of War was released on the PC. So with that, one of the best games ever from the PlayStation 4 was released on the PC. It was well received by reviewers, but in the end it proved to be a hit with gamers as well.

At least that’s if we look at the statistics on Steam. There it appears that the former PlayStation hit is doing tremendously well. Indeed, it is Sony’s most successful release on the PC.

PlayStation 4 game God of War scores on PC

Because when you look at the numbers, God of War is the most successful game to transfer from the PlayStation platform to the PC. At its peak, there were just over 73,000 players playing the game simultaneously. In addition, there are also many gamers who stream the game and therefore get many viewers. So you can say that Sony has a nice hit with this.

God of WarMore than just snow (Image: PlayStation)

God of War is not the first game to be ported from the PlayStation 4 to PC. Games like Horizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone preceded the title. Although both games successfully converted, they failed to reach these numbers. Horizon ended up captivating just over 56,000 gamers at a time, while Days Gone sits at the halfway point with about 27,000 gamers. With this success, which is likely to carry over into the sales figures soon, it seems likely to us that Sony will do this more often.

Success repeats itself

In doing so, chances are Sony will choose to release their games on the PlayStation 5 or still the 4 first. When the game has done well there and gamers have had ample time to get it, then the game will be transferred to the PC. There can be a time of three years between that. In this way, the console is still the place where you can play Sony’s games first, but in this way no one is left out. Want to know what we think of the game? Then read our review here.

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