GoldenEye on the Nintendo Switch: these 5 classics we want to see too

Fans of the superb first person shooter GoldenEye 007 can have their fun starting tomorrow. The game will then be released on both the Nintendo Switch (via the Online Expansion Pack) and the Xbox (via Game Pass). But what other N64 classics does WANT editor Dennis Mons also want to see or play on those consoles since they are already out on the Switch?

Without a doubt, GoldenEye is the N64 game that I put by far the most hours into. Nothing was better than playing on two TVs against your friends, with each TV half taped off so you couldn’t see where the enemy was. The N64 really was a boss of a machine.

N64 version of GoldenEye polished up

You’re definitely going to have that multiplayer fun too with the polished version for the Switch and Xbox. Curiously, though, you can play the game on Switch online but the Xbox version only has local multiplayer.

In addition, the Xbox now has 4K resolution. However, both versions do support 16:9. These five other N64 games I would also like to see (or rather play, since they are already out) on the current generation of gaming consoles?

#1 F-zero X

It can be debated whether F-Zero X is the best F-Zero ever, but regardless, this game that came out in 1998 is an absolute classic. This version is just metal as f*ck. Developer EAD scrapped a lot of unnecessary details from the game so you got the smoothest and fastest racing game ever. The game is available on the Nintendo Switch.

#2 Perfect Dark

Although this shooter was not as good as GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, also made by Rare, was also rightfully a huge success. Although it was hard to top the James Bond shooter they certainly came close.The game did get a remaster, but only for the Xbox 360.

#3 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Although I extremely enjoyed The Breath of the Wild, Ocarina of Time remains without a doubt my favorite Zelda game. In fact, it may be the best N64 ever. There were rumors before that there would be a polished version on the Switch. Unfortunately, that never happened. I hold out high hopes.

#4 Wave Race 64 kind of playable on Switch

Why this never had a sequel on the current generation of consoles is a total mystery to me. After all, this racing game was excellently crafted. The fantastic water effects, tight controls and excellent graphics made this game a real pleasure to play. While you can play the game on the Nintendo Switch, it could use an overhaul.

#5 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 (already out on the Switch)

Okay technically this game came out on the PlayStation and other consoles as well, but I played it the most on the N64. The game was simply brilliant with excellent physics. The soundtrack was also to be commended with the likes of Public Enemy, Anthrax and Papa Roach. In case you are getting nostalgic now, I can make you happy: a polished version of part 1 AND 2 in one package for the Switch has been released.

Awesome game with an awesome soundtrack. (Image: Activision)

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