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Grand Theft Auto x Breaking Bad: the ultimate game we want NOW

Mark is in his prime today. For the big Breaking Bad fan sees a particularly good concept cycling through his screen. Anyone fancy taking on the world of Grand Theft Auto with Walter White?

Pot luck: a game set in the world of Breaking Bad, but operating as Grand Theft Auto. It’s an idea that personally makes me very hot. Given the popularity of both franchises, I’m guessing I’m certainly not the only one. But where did it suddenly come from? I’ll explain it to you!

Breaking Bad x Grand Theft Auto

Although Breaking Bad came to an end years ago, the series is more relevant today than ever. That has to do with the latest season of Better Call Saul and the success it has brought with it. The world surrounding the original 2008 story is back in full swing. Reason enough for Vince Gilligan to take a stab at the future of the franchise.

Games have always been a part of Breaking Bad, but the big success didn’t materialize. According to creator and writer Vince Gilligan, that has to do with the fact that it never really happened right. In the podcast Inside the Gilliverse, he discusses the plans he’s had for ages.

“I’m personally not much of a gamer, but is there anyone who doesn’t know Grand Theft Auto? I remember well years ago asking people who owned Grand Theft Auto and if it wasn’t possible to get their own module or Breaking Bad game.”

The game we want to play NOW

Breaking Bad and Grand Theft Auto: what a fantastic combination it would be. Exploring the streets of Albuquerque with Walter White, eating chicken at Los Pollos Hermanos, and secretly trading a hefty shipment of Crystal Meth. It really sounds like a game that fans of both franchises would love to play. We certainly would.

However, we do not have to expect such a game in the foreseeable future. Vince Gilligan says that he is mainly afraid of repeating past mistakes. There are so many games that are based on popular movies or series, which have flopped. For example, Gilligan cites games like E.T (Atari) and Fight Club (PlayStation 2). If you do it, you have to do it right and in this case that means the return of some very big names.

No Breaking Bad, but Grand Theft Auto 6 is.

While a Breaking Bad game in this style would be incredibly bold, the chances of Rockstar Games getting involved seem slim. The studio is (finally) busy developing Grand Theft Auto 6. The game probably won’t be released until 2024, but after the success of GTA 5, many fans can’t wait anymore.

To test your patience even more, we recently wrote an article about GTA 6. In this article we list all the rumours about the games. Curious what we think we know so far? You can read the article via the link below.

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