Grid Legends racing with a great sense of action

Grid Legends: racing with a great sense of action

If you’re a bit of a racing enthusiast, you’re in for a treat this time of year. At the end of last year the fantastic Forza Horizon was released and since last week it is possible to go wild with Gran Turismo 7. Between all that violence you would almost forget that you can also race in Grid Legends.

At least I know I forgot about it a little bit. At least, I was too busy with the other games, making this review of Grid Legends late. Nevertheless, I still want to share my experiences. Although the real racing fan should absolutely go wild with Gran Turismo 7, this is a game that is certainly interesting. Especially if you have something to do with, say, the Need for Speed series. These are the points that I noticed.

Grid Legends Review

Races pretty tasty

Grid Legends, unlike the older Grid games, is more of a title that drives like an arcade game. So it certainly doesn’t have the realism of a Gran Turismo. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it just drives nice. You have a good racing feel with the different cars. Some cars are more difficult to drive and you really have to brake well for corners, take the ideal line and get back on the gas. But in general the game forgives small mistakes that a realistic racer will give you. So in this way it is just a little more arcade.

Grid Legends racing with a great sense of actionRacing with action (Image: Codemasters)

Entry threshold not too high in Grid Legends

And as a result, you could say that the developer has kept the entry threshold for Grid Legends low. Where my kids really struggled with Gran Turismo 7, which has mostly sheet menus, with this game I could hand them the controller and they naturally went wild with it. If you’re going to play it yourself, I would suggest to turn up the difficulty a bit. When your goal in a race is to finish in tenth place and you win with two fingers in your nose on a normal difficulty level, the excitement is nowhere to be found.

1647116361 387 Grid Legends racing with a great sense of actionYou get in more easily (Image: Codemasters)

Plenty of content

In terms of variety, Grid Legends scores pretty well. Besides the fact that you’re racing all over the world in different cities, it’s mainly the various cars that stand out to me in a positive way. You have your standard race cars, but also the Formula 1-like open wheel cars. You have supercars, buggy-style cars and trucks. In short, there’s really a lot in there and each race gives you a different kind of challenge that way.

1647116361 460 Grid Legends racing with a great sense of actionVarious cars (Image: Codemasters)

Story you can forget

When you start Grid Legends, the first thing you’ll probably do is get lost in the game’s story. In it, you are a mysterious driver who, after many problems, gets a chance to join the Seneca team. From this position you compete against other drivers. In various cutscenes, the drivers are tried to come to life, but it is mainly very clich√©. I did like the fact that there was a role for Ncuti Gatwa. You probably know him from his role as Eric Afflong in the Netflix series Sex Education.

Grid LegendsYou know these from Netflix (Image: Codemasters)

Visually not too strong

I played Grid Legends on the PlayStation 5. Although the game certainly doesn’t look bad, I kept feeling that there could have been more in it. If you’re going for a game with spectacle, then you could also do more in that area. Now I have the idea that the game is somewhat limited by the version that is also available on the PlayStation 4.

1647116362 525 Grid Legends racing with a great sense of actionNot the prettiest game (Image: Codemasters)

All in all, Grid Legends is a very likeable game, which is a bit unfortunate in terms of timing. Because with Gran Turismo 7 on the PlayStation 4 and 5, you have a game that is just many times more interesting. This racing game is really only worth it if the realistic aspect of GT7 is a little too much for you. The game is available now and can be scored here.

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