Hell froze over Enemies now work together in World of

Hell froze over: Enemies now work together in World of Warcraft

While World of Warcraft is certainly not mer as popular as it once was, it is still an MMORPG that is widely played. Since its launch, there has always been a clear divide between Alliance and Horde players.

And that is now coming to an end. In fact, the people behind World of Warcraft have decided that the two factions can more or less get together. Surely that’s a case of ‘when hell freezes over’. Well, that’s what happened.

World of Warcraft makes striking change

Because with the 9.2.5 update for World of Warcraft, it is possible to make a party to go Dungeon or Raid that consists of players from both the Horde and the Alliance. So it could be that as a Human Priest during a Dungeon run you suddenly have to keep four players from the Horde alive. Whether you’ll do that after fifteen years of hating those types of players remains to be seen.

1643735458 689 Hell froze over Enemies now work together in World ofNow the best friends (Image: Blizzard)

According to Blizzard, this update brings something players have been asking for for years. By choosing a particular faction, it was not possible to play with a friend who had joined the other faction. So now that is possible. The developer also refers to the game Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, the first strategy game in the series and the precursor to World of Warcraft. To play together with players of the other faction, then you can invite them with the new update when you have their BattleTage. It can also happen randomly when you use the Group Finder for the various Raids and Dungeons.

From outside to inside

If you make a group like this, then outside the Dungeon you are still unfriendly. But once you’re inside, then you’re best friends and it’s possible to exchange loot with each other. So if you want the armor of an Orc while you’re a Night Elf, that will soon be possible. If it hasn’t already been worn of course, because then the party is off.

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