Hogwarts Legacy whom to choose in Welcome to Hogsmeade

Hogwarts Legacy makes short work of blood-irritating element

Portkey Games has released a hefty update for Hogwarts Legacy. The perfect game for Harry Potter fans just got a little better, and according to WANT editor-in-chief Mark Hofman, it’s about time too.

Since its launch in February, I haven’t been able to let go of Hogwarts Legacy for a second. So if there is an irritating element that drives fans completely crazy, I can assure you that I have felt that irritation. So the fact that Portkey Games is finally fixing it, along with a host of new features, is celebration.

Hogwarts Legacy fixes irritating element

Hogwarts Legacy is a worldwide success, but Portkey Games (the game’s creator) remained conspicuously silent. So no idea if the developer was busy working on an update, DLC or even a sequel. But fortunately, the silence has been broken.

A host of bug fixes, a special mode for gamers with special fears, and the departure of a blood-irritating element are the answer to success. Portkey Games has rolled out the new update and it seems to improve the game considerably. I would almost start over to discover it all….

Anyone who plays Hogwarts Legacy knows that certain dialogues are constantly recurring. Sometimes so often that you almost look for a violent solution (for example, throwing the controller through the screen). “Sometimes it looks like all roads lead to Hogsmeade” is an excellent example, but certainly not the only one.

Discover a Floo Flame for the first time and you get Ignatia Wildsmith in front of you. At least, the phrases she seems to utter a thousand times. So while this was practically the same phrase constantly before, there seems to have finally been a solution to that. The pronunciations are unique and, believe it or not, make the game a little more refreshing.

Hogwarts Legacy does away with blood-irritating element(Image: Portkey Games)

Spiders can be taken directly out of the game

As mentioned, this is not the only part that Hogwarts Legacy’s major update fixes. As players of the game will know, spiders are a big part of the experience. Ideal for making the world complete for fans, but terrible for those with a serious fear of the critters.

So as of now, there is an Arachnophobia Mode in the game. The spiders will have a completely different appearance and the sound they make will be less scary. So everyone can just fully enjoy the game.

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