Hogwarts Legacy whom to choose in Welcome to Hogsmeade

Hogwarts Legacy: whom to choose in Welcome to Hogsmeade?

Although Hogwarts Legacy has a storyline that is straightforward, as a player you have plenty of choices to make. They may not have a whole lot of impact, but it does ensure that your character becomes exactly how you want it to be. So a little help can’t hurt.

Besides creating a character and choosing a house, it’s also important to pick the right companion. Something you can do almost right at the beginning of the game, through the Welcome to Hogsmeade mission.

The right choice in Hogwarts Legacy

In all honesty, Hogwarts Legacy is best approached in your own way. Making choices based on how you would do in the real world is really your best option in that regard. So even when you have to choose between Natty or Sebastian in one of the earlier missions.

The choice you make is entirely based on friendship. It just depends on which character you like the most and with whom you want to build a bond. Run with Natty to Hogsmeade for a better relationship with her, choose Sebastian if you prefer that with him.

Who you end up choosing has a little bit of impact here and there, but mainly has to do with personal preference. To really immerse yourself properly in the game and build a realistic story, as a Gryffindor choose Natty and as a Slytherin choose Sebastian.

Hogwarts Legacy, Harry Potter, Floo Flames, Fast TravelNatty! (Image: Portkey Games / Warner Bros.)

Our enchanting guide

Hogwarts Legacy is a delightful game that is easy to learn, but requires some effort to fully master. Fortunately, we are completely immersed in the magical world and can give you quite a hand with that.

For exactly that reason, we have created our complete, and most importantly enchanting, Hogwarts Legacy guide. A clear article full of links to other articles that will help you in the game.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for that one spell, can’t complete a certain mission or run into puzzles: we try to explain it all to you as easily as possible.

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