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How to play free online games on your PlayStation 5 this weekend

Sony has announced that PlayStation 5 and PS4 users can get into online gaming for free this weekend. On Feb. 18 and 19, you can play games with people from all over the world, and you don’t have to pay for it.

Normally, you have to pay for that. To play online games on the PlayStation 4 and 5, you have to subscribe to PlayStation Plus. That costs a few bucks: 60 euros a year. Especially painful when you have to buy the games you want to play with your friends. No need to worry about that this weekend.

PlayStation 5 and PS4 up for free this weekend

All you need to start playing for absolutely free is a Playstation 5, PS4 and a PlayStation Network account. Once logged in, you can simply crank up any game with online multiplayer and go wild.


These games do not require PlayStation Plus.

Good to know though for after this free weekend: there are some games that do not require a PlayStation Plus subscription. For example: Overwatch 2, Fortnite, Multiversus and Apex Legends In these games you can have a blast without spending a penny on them.

Sony has partnered with several game publishers for this event to promote the free weekend. Tournaments will take place in the sports games Fifa 23, NBA 2K23 and the fighting game Guilty Gear Strive. The grand prize is a voucher for 3 months of PlayStation Plus. That saves 25 euros anyway, so nice touch. Check this page for more information about the tournaments.

Guilty Gear Playstation PlusA brief (virtual) tussle in Guilty Gear Strive. (Image: Arc System Works)

People who already have a subscription to PlayStation Plus can also enjoy double discounts on certain products on the PlayStation Store starting Saturday. Also available to Deluxe and Premium Plus members is a Game Trial of God of War: Ragnarök that allows you to try the first 3 hours of the game.

Bread on a hook, so nibble for a moment.

Of course, this event is designed to attract more subscribers to the revamped system behind PlayStation Plus. This new system was introduced last year as an Xbox Gamepass version of PlayStation. Despite that not coming out as nicely as Sony had probably hoped, the idea is not wrong.

Whether this stunt will actually bring in more members remains to be seen. Whether you end up subscribing or not, a weekend of free online gaming like this probably isn’t wrong.

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