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How to put your own face in NBA 2K23 with iOS and Android

When you purchase NBA 2K23 later this year, don’t forget to download the accompanying app for Android and iOS. This is because the My NBA 2K23 Face Scan allows you to scan your own face so you can use it in the game. This is not a new feature, but it is still cool to be able to do.

The NBA 2K franchise consists of a series of basketball games that fans of the sport look forward to every year. The core gameplay often stands as a house, but meanwhile is plagued by a multitude of microtransactions and digital purchases. But if you work around that, a fine basketball experience awaits.

My NBA 2K23 for Android and iOS

You can take that experience to the next level by downloading the My NBA 2K23 app for Android (Google Play Store) or iOS (Apple App Store). Among other things, that app allows you to scan your face and then use it in the game. That sounds nice and all, but how exactly do you get that done? You can read about that in this article.

MyNBA2K23 app AndroidMyNBA2K23 app (Image: 2K)

Of course, you need to download the app first. Above we give the links to the mentioned platforms. Log in and or create an account. Then link your account from PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo and within the app go to the Face Scan feature. Follow the steps that appear on screen and voila, you’re done.

What else can you do with the app?

The Android and iOS versions of My NBA 2K23 allow you to do a few more things. For example, you can enter Locker Room codes on the go, which means you can always use unique or special codes in-game on time. It is also possible to keep track of your digital coins (the VC), so you always know exactly where you stand.

In addition, you can watch all kinds of videos and keep up to date with news and other developments. If you want to scan your face, it makes pretty little difference which console you play NBA 2K23 on. After all, the app supports the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Steam and, of course, the Nintendo Switch.

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