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How to snag Counter-Strike 2 for free this summer

Fans of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be pleased to hear that Valve recently announced Counter-Strike 2. This new game is being touted as a massive update to the widely known first-person shooter and includes numerous new features and upgrades to the gaming experience.

In this article, we will discuss everything we know so far about Counter-Strike 2.

Counter-Strike 2 maps completely revamped

According to the game’s website, CS2 will be a major update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with maps rebuilt from the ground up with new tools and features.

This will no doubt be a welcome change for players who have been playing the same maps for years and are in need of something new.

A more modern version of a classic

Launched by Valve in 2012, CS:GO has long dominated the tactical shooter genre. However, the rise of competitor Valorant in 2020, with contemporary graphics and unique abilities for agents, provided a challenge to Counter-Strike’s dominance.

With the announcement of Counter-Strike 2, the franchise gets a modern upgrade and new players get the chance to experience the classic shooter.

Dynamic smoke and sub-tick updates

Among Counter-Strike 2’s upgrades is the addition of dynamic, volumetric smoke that responds to gunfire. Also, the game’s visuals are cleaner and brighter and there are high-resolution updates to CS:GO weapons and finishes and environment effects.

The sub-tick updates for movement and shooting are especially important for the competitive aspect. There, reflexes of players are constantly important and the smallest time differences make a significant difference in the outcome of a game.

Limited test for Counter-Strike 2

Players who already play CS:GO may be invited to the limited test of Counter-Strike 2. Valve will select players based on factors such as recent playing time on Valve’s official servers, trust factor and Steam account status.

If you are invited to the test, you will see a notification on CS:GO’s main menu. Players will be invited as the game’s launch approaches.



Counter-Strike is a first-person shooter game released in 2000. The game revolves around the battle between terrorists and anti-terrorists and rewards precision-aim and tactics to achieve objectives, such as planting or dismantling bombs. It grew into one of the most popular online multiplayer games.

All in all, the announcement of Counter-Strike 2 is exciting news for fans of the franchise. We look forward to learning more about this long-awaited update as its release approaches this summer.

Free to get in this summer

Counter-Strike 2 will be available as a free upgrade for CS:GO, which is already free to play. The release of the game is scheduled for this summer, so fans won’t have to wait long before getting started with the new game.

So it’s very easy: get CS:GO in the house, play yourself the mother until it’s summer and get the new update nice and toasty.

Until then, would you rather enjoy absolute must-haves on your Nintendo Switch? Then WANT editor Sam Dille still has a few tips for you:

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