Huge Game of Thrones game on the way and this

Huge Game of Thrones game on the way and this is what we want to see

A giant online Game of Thrones game is coming. This is good news and we hope to see these things in the game.

It’s been almost 5 years since Game of Thrones came to an end. Fans do want something new besides House of the Dragon. On the latest book by George R.R. Martin, we have to wait a while. On any spin-offs from the show as well. Until recently, a game of Game of Thrones didn’t seem to be on the horizon either. Until now.

A giant Game of Thrones game is on the way. And that’s not at all surprising, because there are few other fantasy worlds as vast as that of Westeros. How incredibly cool is it if we can have various adventures in it? We do have a few critical requirements for the game.

Here’s what we know about the Game of Thrones game

We’ve seen Game of Thrones games in the past. There were a few Telltale games, and some fairly flopped fantasy games. That doesn’t mean that this new game, which is rumored to be a giant MMO, has to flop either. After all, George R.R. Martin co-wrote Elden Ring. And look more what a success that was.

So the new game is going to be a Massively Multiplayer Online game, or MMO. Well-known examples of MMOs are World of Warcraft and Runescape. The Game of Thrones MMO does not have a name as of yet. We do already know which studio is developing the game. It is Nexon, the maker of the popular shooting game The Finals.

Game of Thrones, HBO, House of the Dragon, moneyIt would be kind of licky if we ran into Tyrion in the game though (Image: HBO)

According to a rumor an anonymous Nexos source shared with a tech platform, the game is set in northern Westeros, toward The Wall. There, a story will parallel the events we see in seasons 4 and 5 of Game of Thrones. Despite being an MMO, you can choose from two storylines. One about a man, the other about a woman. What else these storylines are about, unfortunately, we don’t know yet.

What we want to see in the Game of Thrones MMORPG

The MMORPG genre can be very successful, but it needs enough players to stay active. World of Warcraft or even The Elder Scrolls: Online, have been active for years. Other well-known series had movies or series have also had their own MMO. For example, there was Star Wars: The Old Republic and even The Lord of the Rings Online.

The great thing about those MMOs is that you can follow a story with your own character amidst all sorts of familiar characters and areas. So of course we hope to see that in this Game of Thrones MMO as well. Especially considering the time period, that of seasons 4 and 5. A very turbulent time in Westeros. So Tommen Barotheon becomes king, Jon Snow defends the wall with the help of Stannis, and there is also Roose Bolton taking over Winterfell.

Game of Thrones HBO Discovery Netflix.Jon defended the wall along with Stannis (Image: HBO)

So the game will likely be set in northern Westeros. So The Wall, Wildlings and even White Walkers will have an impact. If we can go on an adventure far beyond The Wall, we might even run into Bran Stark, who is also poking around somewhere in that time period looking for the Three Eyed Raven. Either way, we hope for lots of freedom, lots of familiar characters and an intriguing story.

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