Is Nintendo really making the Switch more expensive or is

Is Nintendo really making the Switch more expensive or is it rock solid bullshit?

The Nintendo Switch is a mighty console. The ideal travel companion, the infinite board game and in some cases the reason for divorces (Mario Kart never disappoints). Those who do not already have one in the house would do well to purchase it. Although there are rumors that this may become a more expensive option than before.

The big question is: will this really be the case or are we dealing with a nice portion of nonsense?

Why the Nintendo Switch would become more expensive

The coronavirus: the shivers still run down our spines when writing the word. The pandemic had a major impact not only on our daily lives, but also with the products we use in them. Factories came to a standstill, production slowed down. It’s a bucket of misery that many technology companies are still dealing with on a daily basis.

Nintendo is no exception to that rule. In fact, due to the pandemic, the demand for the consoles grew extremely. Whereas the resources to produce the handheld decreased in numbers, the demand became ever greater. Tricky, because the average price for the components also rose in the meantime.

Netflix Nintendo SwitchGrab your popcorn in advance. (Image: Unsplash)

It seemed inevitable that the Nintendo Switch would become a lot more expensive, thanks in part to inflation. Especially, since things remained quiet from the company itself for a long time in this area. Until now.

But is it really the case?

Shuntaro Furukawa, President at Nintendo, has responded to the rumors for the first time. Thankfully, because the best man is quick to reassure gamers around the world. The Nintendo Switch will keep its price and will all but become more expensive. He announced this in an interview with Nikkei.

In the past quarter, sales dropped by 23%, but the Switch will not become more expensive because of this. However, the reason is simple: Nintendo does not want to exclude people. A device like this is already a hefty purchase, so in some cases consumers already have to really go out of their way to get one. A price increase can only hinder the sales figures in that respect.

There is also little to fear in this regard. The company itself expects the Nintendo Switch to sell 21 million times over the whole year. So with that financial picture, it’s all right.

Nintendo Switch OLEDNintendo Switch OLED (Image: Nintendo )

How much is the Nintendo Switch costing you right now?

So the current prices for the Nintendo Switch can be held for now. The company currently has three different variants in the Dutch stores. As a result, the supply currently looks as follows:

Nintendo Switch Lite | €216 at
Regular Nintendo Switch | €288 at
Nintendo Switch OLED | €348 at

Wondering which games for the console are really worth it? The following 10 addictive titles are rock-solid worth playing.

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