LEGO celebrates the new year with fantastic new Super Mario

LEGO celebrates the new year with fantastic new Super Mario sets

LEGO’s collaboration with Nintendo continues with these fantastic new Super Mario sets. They are still quite pricey, but we are looking forward to this 2023 series.

LEGO will continue to be hand-in-hand comrades with Nintendo next year. The Danish company has announced a number of new builds and we are hugely excited.

LEGO will not make Super Mario movie kits

There might be a small disappointment: the new LEGO sets are not based on the upcoming movie starring Chris Pratt. That’s too bad because then we won’t be able to see if that minifig has such a flat butt as well. But that aside. (By the way, Mario is not a minifig.)

Nintendo, Super Mario, The Super Mario Bros. MovieFlat bum? Doesn’t a minifig always have a flat bum? (Image: Nintendo)

What is great though is that LEGO is putting a character in one box, complete with an Action Tag. The characters in question are Birdo, Green Toad, Ice Bro, Bramball, two Cat Goombas, Blooper (with three baby Bloopers), Sumo Bro and a Spike.

The idea is that you can use these characters in the Starter Course set (71360). However, if you want to build a fully interactive Super Mario set then perhaps investing in the 71387 or 71403 is advisable.

LEGO, Super MarioSomething for everyone. (Image: LEGO)

In addition, the company is also releasing the Conkdor’s Noggin Bopper Expansion. (714414). The build consists of 130 bricks and is also interactive with LEGO Mario, Luigi and Peach.

With Conkdor, you need to jump on the rooster and avoid Conkdor’s big beak. When the bird stops attacking you must jump on its head to defeat it. If you want to do the challenge again, just press the springboard.

LEGO, Super MarioJumping on my beautiful board? HOWZOOO? (Image: LEGO)

Dancing on ice and lava

LEGO goes one step further with the fantastic Frozen World expansion set. This includes a new blue outfit for Mario (incidentally, the character is not in the box) to take on a Cooligan and a Goomba. Again, though, the Starter Course is a requirement.

super mario, ice cream, legoGlide across the room like a Sven Kramer. (Image: LEGO)

The same goes for the “ride over the lava waves” set. This consists of a moving lava wave with a lava platform on which Mario, Luigi or Peach can surf. If you can stay on the lava wave with one of your characters, you earn rock hard coins.

LEGO, Super MarioAs Mario would say, hot hot hot hot. (Image: LEGO)

Build as much as you want

Despite the fact that LEGO and Nintendo are releasing several sets next year, the maker set (71418) is the most fun to have. It is a toolbox with a huge number of loose bricks that allow you to stage entire situations. The set now costs 59.99 euros.

LEGO, Super MarioBuild anything you want with this set. (Image: LEGO)

The set includes buildable trees, flowers, mountains, mushrooms, pyramids, a checkpoint flag and more to recreate Super Mario grass, desert and lava levels.
Basically, these LEGO Mario sets give you enough bricks to maybe build this?

(Well moving forward, it might take a little more parts. A nice aspiration, though).

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