LEGO makes a special set of Pac Man you want to

LEGO makes a special set of Pac-Man you want to have

LEGO has some great sets and one more is coming as of today. Meet the new Pac-Man arcade cabinet.

With LEGO you can make almost anything. You use your imagination and start building, or, on the contrary, you choose one of the sets designed by the Danish company itself. In the latter category, a very special set has now come out that makes our geek heart beat much harder.

LEGO comes out with set of Pac-Man

On the 43rd anniversary of the legendary game Pac-Man, it now comes with a very special set. With the bricks you build an arcade cabinet showing the game. Unfortunately, you cannot play yourself, but there are some parts that can move.

The new LEGO Pac-Man set consists of a total of 2,650 parts. It looks like a real arcade cabinet and so it includes buttons that you can actually move and press. The little lever on the side can be used to move the figures on the screen. In addition, there is even a slot to throw coins into. as you are used to from a normal arcade cabinet.

This is certainly not the first time LEGO has released a set of a game. For example, it has designed sets around Mario and Luigi and also has a model in the range of Horizon: Zero Dawn, which you may know from the PlayStation 4.

This is how much it’s going to cost

In addition, LEGO and Pac-Man are also more related than you will probably think. The game’s creators chose the yellow color of the puppet in response to a pebble.

Lego arcade cabinet Pac-ManJust for real. (Image: LEGO)

The new LEGO set will be available to order for VIP members starting June 1. On June 4, anyone who is not may buy one. You will spend 269.99 euros for the set through the official LEGO store.

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