Lets a go You can finally play Nintendo 3DS games on

Let’s-a go! You can finally play Nintendo 3DS games on iPhone

You can finally play Nintendo 3DS games on your iPhone. You can do this with the latest emulator for iOS called Folium.

It is only a recent development that you can download emulator apps at all on your iPhone, this was impossible since not very long ago. Immediately there were several emulators in the App Store for different retro gaming consoles.

For example, an emulator for iPhone had recently been released on which you could play various PlayStation games. But now there is also an emulator app out for people who are fans of iconic Nintendo 3DS games like Super Mario 3D Land or Pokémon X and Y.

Nintendo 3DS emulator for your iPhone

The first Nintendo 3DS emulator for iPhone in Apple’s official App Store is called Folium. But the app doesn’t just support 3DS games. Through the emulator, you can also play games released for the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. The emulator, like many other emulators, does not include games. The player must download these ROMs himself online.

Gaming on Folium is very easy. The emulator for iPhone supports various third-party controllers. So you can use controllers from the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X and more. The only problem with the emulator is that it costs money, a one-time fee of $4.99.

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O emulador Folium adicionou suporte ao Nintendo 3DS pra iPhone, mas como dá pra ver no vídeo abaixo, ainda tem muito trabalho a ser feito, tanto do ponto de vista de otimização quanto de personalização

Mais detalhes sobre ele no post do link abaixo pic.twitter.com/G2QN9ssOll

– Eric Arraché (@ericarrache) June 3, 2024


Folium is available for download on many different Apple devices. Although the app was made specifically for iOS 15 and newer, people can also use the emulator on devices newer than iPadOS 15, visionOS 1, or macOS 12 without any problems.

According to a video on X, the app doesn’t quite work as it should yet, not everything is yet optimal so to speak. Still, the app is certainly welcome for iPhone users. They can finally play their favorite Nintendo 3DS games on their phones for only 4.99 euros.


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It has been a positive decision by Apple to allow emulators on the App Store. This makes playing retro games a bit easier anyway, especially if you’re talking about older games for the Game Boy. Still, Nintendo 3DS games are also a delightful addition for iPhone users.

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