May the 4th iconic Star Wars character takes over Elden

May the 4th: iconic Star Wars character takes over Elden Ring

For years, May the 4th has been a special date for Star Wars fans. During May the 4th, as the day is also called, fans honor all things related to the franchise. A great time to pay attention to this delightful Elden Ring mod.

The popular game, through the work of an enthusiastic Nexus Mods user, is getting an iconic Star Wars character. One that manages to put the game in a completely different light.

Iconic Star Wars character conquers Elden Ring

It’s a good day for Star Wars fans who get a lot of enjoyment out of Elden Ring. The popular game, through the work of Nexus user drs32, is getting a visit from an iconic character from the film franchise. Those who want to give their Tarnished a makeover can do so in epic fashion from now on. Anyone fancy exploring the open world as Darth Vader?

The mod, released by Xelerate, replaces the standard Confessor Set with Darth Vader’s full suit. A perfect replica of his helmet, cape and the suit itself. Not only fun to look at, but also to play with. Such attention has been paid to detail that the cape flutters naturally in combat and the lights on Darth Vader’s chest glow as they were meant to. This is how you never experienced Elden Ring before.

This is certainly not the first time a Star Wars character can be found in Elden Ring. Previously, a mod made it possible to play as Darth Maul.

Skyrim gets a beloved feature

The success of Elden Ring is great. Besides the delightful Star Wars mod, there are plenty of other nifty additions to be found in the game. Though it doesn’t stop there. Recently it was announced that one of the finest features of Elden Ring was moved to another successful game.

The link above shows how Skyrim, a game to which Elden Ring is widely compared, takes over that functionality.

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