NBA 2K22 is a lot more fun in one fell

NBA 2K22 is a lot more fun in one fell swoop thanks to key tweaks

The NBA 2K series has managed to present itself as just another good sports game series for quite a few years now. And that certainly applies to NBA 2K22, which is truly a joy to play.

Still, NBA 2K22 had quite a limitation. One that has been implemented a few years ago. It was not possible in the Netherlands to use the Auction House in MyTeam mode. Until today.

NBA 2K22 opens Auction House in the Netherlands

Because as of today it is possible to use that Auction House in NBA 2K22. Before this you could only access it through a VPN, but that has changed as of today. This probably has to do with the ruling that was recently made regarding FIFA. It was found that loot boxes were not a form of gambling. And it was precisely the battle surrounding FIFA that probably caused the decision to limit access to the Auction House in the NBA 2K series in the Netherlands in order to avoid being fined by the gaming authorities.

nba 2k22 autcion houseThe Auction House (Image: 2K Games)

But so now that there is a clear ruling in FIFA’s case, 2K Games has also made the move. And so from today you can use the Auction House in NBA 2K22. The big advantage of this is that you no longer have to buy packages in the hope that there is a good player in them. You can now use your in-game money to buy players there that other gamers have put up for sale. For a small investment, you can put together a pretty good team that way. And that makes the online possibilities of the game more accessible. In other words: the game has become a lot better.


In doing so, by the way, it is wise to pay close attention to when you buy players. Usually between 11 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon you have the best prices. This is because the Americans are more absent then and so there is less competition.

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