New Nintendo Switch 2 seems to be on its way

New Nintendo Switch 2 seems to be on its way: what do we know about it already?

The Nintendo Switch is an incredibly popular console. So it seems like it will be some time before a new version comes out. Yet there are already quite a few rumors. Jeroen tells you everything you need to know.

The Nintendo Switch can’t be missing from your home, if only to have a laugh with your friends. Who wouldn’t want to play Mariokart with a Super Smash Brother from another mother? We can still enjoy it now, but there is already a new console slowly appearing on the horizon.

A new Nintendo Switch

Rumors of a new Nintendo Switch have been circulating for quite some time. Of course, an OLED version of the game console came out, but it was not what people expected. The biggest update was of course the screen, but real fans and journalists had expected improved hardware in addition. That so-called Nintendo Switch Pro did not come in the end.

The Nintendo Switch first hit the market in 2017. So we seem to be pretty late in the console cycle now. So it’s not likely that that Pro version of the original Switch is coming. Instead, a completely new console seems more likely, for which you would also have to buy new games. Think of Sony coming out with a PlayStation 5 instead of a PS4.

Nintendo Switch OLEDNintendo Switch OLED (Image: Nintendo )

What does the console have to comply with?

Of course, a Nintendo Switch 2 should be a big step up from the current Switch. The main features will presumably be 4K graphics and a better processor. Of course it would also be nice if a Switch has a longer battery life and is just a bit more ergonomic. Nintendo will have to because the Nvidia X1 Tegra Chip, which is in the console, is no longer being made.

For Nintendo, it’s harder to predict what they’re doing than it is for the competition. The company has its own take on gaming, and because of that we were fortunate to get the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo didn’t go for the top specs like we see with the PlayStation and Xbox. Instead, it opted for a hybrid console that you can play on the TV, but also in your hand on the go. Where the others opted for a disc, Nintendo still sticks to a different format.

When will the Nintendo Switch 2 arrive?

Of course, you’re asking yourself when the Nintendo Switch 2 will hit the market. That’s not going to happen this year anyway. Nintendo previously stated that it will not bring a new device to market until March of 2023. Nintendo is otherwise keeping its jaws tight about a successor.

So while we don’t know much about a Nintendo Switch 2, fans have already created several concepts. These include a console with a folding screen and a touchpad.

So the big question is whether you should wait for a Nintendo Switch 2, or whether you should better go for the normal, Lite, or OLED version? The life cycle of a game console is different. The Wii U was on the market for 5 years, but it wasn’t such a success. The Switch is still popular, so it can certainly add another year or two. So if you want to play Nintendo games, you better just get the Switch now.

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