New Nintendo Switch can learn these five things from PS5

New Nintendo Switch can learn these five things from PS5 and Xbox

We’ve been waiting for the successor to the Nintendo Switch for a while now, and a few details are slowly starting to come out of the earth. These features from the PlayStation 5 and Xbox consoles we definitely want to see.

While we probably shouldn’t expect Nintendo to come out with a next-gen console on the level of the PlayStation 5, there are a few features that will enrich the experience.

These 5 features should not be missed on the Nintendo Switch

From features on the console itself to handy features outside the hardware, there is plenty that Nintendo can learn from its competitors. Read below for the five PlayStation 5 or Xbox features we’d like to see on the new Switch.

#1 Achievements like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

It’s actually absurd that Nintendo hasn’t used achievements yet. Its competitors have had the feature since the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Sure, it’s not an absolute must, but trophies and achievements still bring some extra motivation to fully explore the games you play.

#2 Quick resume from Xbox

Sometimes you just want to be able to quickly switch between two games. The Quick Resume feature can be found on the Xbox Series S and X. The feature lets you start a game while saving the game you were playing first.

This allows you to quickly switch between titles without having to wait for startup. The PlayStation 5 does not have this feature, but a similar feature would not be out of place on the new Nintendo Switch either.

Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStationHeartbreakingly useful, this! (Image: Xbox)

#3 A usable mobile app like the PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox consoles both have a useful app on smartphones. In it you see which friends are online, send messages, view game libraries buy games that you install immediately on the console.

Compared to those two, the Nintendo Switch Online app is incredibly sparse. It is possible to see which friends are online, there are community tabs for as many as 4(!) games and the ability to join Voice Chats, which in our experience barely works. So improving and expanding this app with the release of the new Switch seems like a pretty good idea.

#4 Backwards compatibility

It’s probably no surprise that we are very much looking forward to the new Zelda game. But there are still so many so many games on previous Nintendo consoles that we would like to play again. The Xbox Series S and X let you play many Xbox 360 or original console games with the original discs. The PlayStation 5 can play almost any PS4 game (except a handful of titles).

Making games available for the Wii and Wii U does become difficult due to the controls. On the other hand, it should be possible to run GameCube or GameBoy games on the device. You can already play some titles from older consoles via Nintendo Switch Online, but it would be even more cool if you could use those old discs again.

Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStationThose ports always cost a pretty penny too. (Image: Nintendo)

#5 Remote Play/Cloud Gaming for the Nintendo Switch

Xbox has been betting more and more on Cloud Gaming in recent years. If you have a laptop, tablet or mobile and a stable Internet connection, you should be able to just play your console games anywhere.

Remote Play from PlayStation connects to your console via wifi, and thus can only be used in the same household, but works very nicely. A similar feature to further emphasize the on-the-go aspect of the Switch would certainly be welcome.

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