Can Logitechs handheld console challenge the Nintendo Switch

New rumor about successor Nintendo Switch raises serious concerns

A lot of gamers are looking forward to a new Nintendo Switch that, if recent rumors are to be believed, will see the light of day next year. Party, you would think, yet there is a rumor going around that has Jeroen quite worried.

The Nintendo Switch is a huge success, and it actually makes perfect sense. Not only does the company impress with unique games such as Super Mario and Zelda, but also the fact that you can take it anywhere makes it a popular gadget.


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Will the Nintendo Switch 2 disappoint?

To match that success, Nintendo needs to impress quite a bit with the Nintendo Switch 2. No, it really doesn’t need to be an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 killer. The previous version didn’t need challenging specs, either. Still, Nintendo should not get too lazy in this, because then it will be a very big difference.

This is precisely why a new rumor is causing great concern. If Digital Foundry’s podcast is to be believed, the Nintendo Switch 2 will get the Nvidia T239 processor. With this, however, something special is going on. This one does not have a Deep Learning Accelerator (DLA). That has implications for Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS).

Good, now in plain human language. Through them, graphics can be made better. But due to the lack of DLA and the lesser DLSS, lower image resolution is used. Thus, the Nintendo Switch 2 would possibly be limited to 1080p upscaling or 1440p. This is disappointing, since this is therefore lower than 4K.

Why 4K is needed

Nowadays, let 4K really be standard on televisions. Even at the Lidl you can already buy a cheap smart TV with 4K. If you are already gaming with your Nintendo Switch on a 55-inch TV, you can already see how blurry the image is when you get a little closer. So a new console should be able to do just that.

The Legend of Zelda series you've never heard of, NintendoZelda in top quality. (Image: Nintendo)

And no, 8K support like the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X is really not necessary, as the Nintendo Switch 2 is about much more than the graphics, but being stubborn is really of no use.

Of course, 4K is of little use on a smaller screen to carry around, but the competition isn’t sitting still in that area either. There is of course already the powerful Steamdeck and it is also simply possible via Cloudgaming to play Xbox games on a tablet, for example, although of course, like the new PlayStation Portal, you need an Internet connection to do so. So Nintendo has competitors in that area as well.

Anyway, there are also other important updates needed for the Nintendo Switch 2. For example, better battery life and also less loading times would be a nice improvement.

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