Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck get stiff competition

Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck get stiff competition

With the Nintendo Switch, handheld gaming seems to be as popular again as it was at the time of the Game Boy. With the Steam Deck and Nvidia Shield, other manufacturers are also capitalizing on this renewed trend. This is now joined by another competitor.

Although you can also use the Nintendo Switch in combination with your television, it is often much nicer to just hold the device in your hand. That way, you can play your favorite games anywhere you want. It is not for nothing that the Steam Deck is also a particularly popular device.

A competitor to the Steam Deck

Soon you will have even more choices, as PC manufacturer Lenovo is also coming out with its own variant that runs on Windows. The company is releasing it under the name Legion Go. Photos from Windows Report show that this maker combines the best of the Steam Deck and the Nintendo Switch.

The Legion Go has an 8-inch screen. The controllers look somewhat like the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con. These can be slid off and inserted into a larger controller, for example.

In addition, there is also a special stand on the back, just like on the Switch. This allows you to put the screen on a table and still game. Something that is again not possible with the Steam Deck, for example.

Differences from the Nintendo Switch

Yet there are also differences compared to the controllers of the Nintendo Switch. For example, those of the Legion Go have a slightly rounder grip. In addition, one of the controllers has a touchpad and the other has a wheel on the back for control. That, in turn, is similar to the Steam Deck, which has two touchpads.

Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck get stiff competitionLenovo’s response. (Image: Windows Report)

Still, one really big difference compared to the Nintendo Switch is the available games. On the Legion Go, you won’t be able to play Zelda or Mario. However, you will probably have access to the same games as on the Steam Deck and Nvidia Shield, for example.

When the Lenovo Legion Pro will be released is still unknown. Also, it remains to be seen how expensive the device will be.

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