Nintendo Switch gains a top game with Triangle Strategy

Nintendo Switch gains a top game with Triangle Strategy

My favorite game I’ve ever played is without a doubt Final Fantasy VII. But right behind it is Final Fantasy Tactics. That PlayStation 1 game was a perfect combination between an excellent story and engaging gameplay. You could say that Triangle Strategy for the Nintendo Switch is a bit like that.

Triangle Strategy is a game with perhaps the silliest name for a Nintendo Switch game ever. But it probably refers to three major countries in the game’s world that are at odds with each other. The player experiences the story of young prince Serenoa Wolfort. He is paired with Frederica Aesfrost at the beginning of the game. The idea is that two of the three countries will get along better this way. But in the end, the peace is short-lived. You end up in a major conflict. And in the process, you also get a fascinating story. With that, it’s a nice addition to the Nintendo Switch’s collection. Here are the points that stood out to me.

Triangle Strategy on the Nintendo Switch Review

A beautiful story

Triangle Strategy takes you to a medieval-like world, where magic plays a role. So, as mentioned, it revolves around three great nations that are at odds. In the past there has been a great war, but now there seems to be a time of peace. The three empires all have their own value within the whole and can use each other well. But eventually all hell breaks loose. And you find yourself in the middle of a huge conspiracy, which revolves around friendship, honor and making the right choices. The story is told mainly through cutscenes, although between battles you also have the opportunity to walk around in environments to gather information. The conversations, by the way, are provided with fairly decent voice-overs. We are sometimes somewhat tedious.

Triangle Strategy Nintendo SwitchA beautiful story (Image: Nintendo)

High-level tactical battles in Triangle Strategy on the Nintendo Switch

The power of Triangle Strategy on the Nintendo Switch is mainly in the game’s battles. In 3D arenas, you can give different commands to the characters you are fighting with. In doing so, each character has their own power. Some you use to defeat the enemies with physical force, while others do it with magical attacks. You also have to deal with characters who have a bit of a supporting role and heal your heroes when they have been attacked. In the end, it’s often a matter of keeping you alive while your enemies lose out.

Triangle Strategy Nintendo SwitchA preview of the battles (Image: Nintendo)

The actions you perform in Triangle Strategy earn you EXP and move up in levels. This makes your heroes stronger and in better shape in future battles. I do miss a job system though. There is now less reason to do battles outside of the story to get better and unlock new things.

Making choices

So between battles, the story is told in Triangle Strategy. That’s mostly a passive experience. Still, it’s nice that in the Nintendo Switch game you still have some influence. You have to make choices in the game regularly. Based on those choices, certain characters will join your fight. In this way, the game should be interesting enough to play it for a second time and see what has changed.

Triangle Strategy Nintendo SwitchWhat choices do you make? (Image: Nintendo)

Cool visual style

Triangle Strategy is not a game that has to rely on its lavish graphics. Nevertheless, it is a title that looks very good. According to the developer, it uses HD-2D. On the one hand, the pixels look a bit like Super Nintendo and PlayStation games, but at the same time there are environments with a lot of nice details. In this way, it is a title that is just very beautiful.

1646336449 125 Nintendo Switch gains a top game with Triangle StrategyLooks good (Image: Nintendo)

Try it yourself

And the great thing about Triangle Strategy is that you can easily try it for yourself. In fact, on the Nintendo Switch eShop you can find a demo. This gives you the opportunity to play the beginning of the game. If you like it, you can pick up where you left off. I must say that the beginning of the game is pretty tame. It really takes a few hours before the action starts and you get into the story. But it is really perfect to try that way and see if it is something for you.

1646336449 911 Nintendo Switch gains a top game with Triangle StrategyTry the beginning for free (Image: Nintendo)

Triangle Strategy will be released on March 4 and will be released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. Want to read more about everything for that platform? Then visit our overview page here.

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