Nintendo Switch impressively manages to leave the Wii behind

Nintendo Switch impressively manages to leave the Wii behind

The Nintendo Wii is one of the most successful game consoles ever made. Particularly due to the catchy Wii Sports, it is a game console that was very successful. Yet the Nintendo Switch would have done better.

At least that’s what is being stated by VGChartz. That’s a website that keeps track of sales figures of games and consoles, but doesn’t always have access to the official figures. Therefore, you should always take their reporting with a grain of salt. Still, we think this fact about the Nintendo Switch is interesting enough to share.

Nintendo Switch has passed the Nintendo Wii

Because according to the website, the Nintendo Switch has passed the Nintendo Wii in the number of copies sold. They state that the Switch was sold 1.16 million times in the week ending December 25. This would make it a total of 101.88 million sales worldwide. The Wii managed to end up selling 101.63 million copies worldwide. Thus, with this, the Switch has passed Nintendo’s other successful game console. Moreover, the game console has quite a few other records in sight.

Nintendo Switch OLEDThe Switch family (Image: Nintendo )

Thus, it still needs to sell 610,000 copies to catch up with the old PlayStation. The game console after that is the PlayStation 4. That game console has sold about 116.8 million units worldwide so far. That number is still running steadily, although not as fast as the Nintendo Switch. The Game Boy was sold 118.69 million times. That’s still a pittance compared to the Nintendo DS, which has sold 154.02 million times worldwide. The absolute king is still far away, by the way. That is the PlayStation 2 with more than 155 million copies sold.

Goes on a good run

Whether the Nintendo Switch will reach the 155 million mark remains to be seen. But the fact is that the stretch is far from over. Demand for the game console is still high, making it difficult to get a hold of an OLED. If there were more, there is a good chance that the number of units sold would increase even more. There are also a lot of cool games coming out this year, as you can read here.